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Thumb Test Reveals Our Personality

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One of the most interesting and popular tests used in psychology is the Thumb Test, which can reveal part of the character of a person, using their own body language.

For this curious test, you need to use your own hands and with pen and paper, write down the facts you discern from them.

First you need to lace the fingers of your hands together and look to see which thumb of which hand ends up on top. If it's the thumb on the left hand, write down 1, if on the right - 2.


Next, make a gun with your fingers and aim at an imagined target while closing one eye. If you close your left eye, write down 1, if you close your right - 2.

For the third exercise, cross your arms and notice the arm which ends up on top. If it's the left - 1, if it's the right - 2.

For the final test, clap your hands, while taking notice of the hand that ends up on top. If it's the left, write down 1, if it's the right - 2.

Write down the digits next to each other, then look at your result.

2222 - You possess a steadfast and conservative character.

2221 – You are distinguished by extreme indecisiveness.


2212 – A sociable personality, capable of finding common ground with anyone.

2111 – Inconsistent, you do everything yourself.

2211 – You are communicative and have a very warm character.

2122 – You are gifted with an analytical mind.

2121 – You are vulnerable and influenced way too much by others.

1112 – An emotional, energetic and very decisive personality.

1222 – You are emotional but incapable of showing determination when making decisions.

1221 – Very emotional and naïve, lacking consistency.

1122 – Friendly, but at the same time very naïve and shallow.

1121 – A creative personality that easily puts trust in others.

1111 – Extremely liberal personality with a nonstandard way of looking at things.

1212 – You are gifted with a strong spirit. You are highly persistent and usually achieve your goals.

1211 – You tend to self analyze too much.