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Quick Test: What Were you Like in a Past Life?


Priests belonging to the temple of the goddess Ashtori in eastern India have for centuries been aiding the pilgrims, who visited the holy place, find out what they were like in a past life.

If you too want to find out your past reincarnations, simply choose the answers you feel closest to in your soul and add up the points. But know that the test is only designed for women.

1. Water is...

a) the liquid coming out of the faucet - 2;

b) a chemical compound H2O - 5;

c) the source and essence of life - 10.

2. The elephant is...

a) a clumsy person who can't dance - 2;

b) an animal seen on TV - 5;

c) man's best friend, who has saved his life on more than one occasion - 10.

3. Nectar is...

a) the juice of fruits - 2;

b) something that bees make - 5;

c) a holy drink - 10.

4. The rose is...

a) an expensive flower - 2;

b) a woman's name - 5;

c) a necessary component of perfumes, medicine and food - 10.

5. Bread is...

a) a product of flour - 2;

b) a product needed for making sandwiches - 5;

c) the basis for life - 10.

6. Meat is...

a) something that comes from a pig or cow- 2;

b) a ram, dog, deer and so on - 5;

c) the flesh of an animal - 10.


12-20 points

In your past life you did not stay in one place for long. Most likely, your soul inhabited the body of a hunter, man or slave. You might also have been a forest bird, lioness or tigress. It is also possible for you to have been a concubine of a lord, a dancer or castle actress in the past. What all of these have in common is that they did not linger in one place for too long.

In your next reincarnation, you will lead a settled down way of life. You won't leave your birthplace. You may be reborn into a plant, tree, garden flower.

30-60 points

In your past reincarnation, you led a settled down way of life. You were a beautiful flower, even a magnificent tree. Another possibility is for you to have been a house cat or decorative puppy. You may have been the owner of a kingdom, mine or ranch.

In your next rebirth, you will lead an active way of life. You may be born into a butterfly or a sheep that wanders the mountain meadows. Actors, travelers, pilots and stewardesses also lead an active way of life. So you may become one of these.

Whatever happens, what's important is that life goes on!