The Doorway Between 2 Worlds in Peru


The doorway of Aramu Muru, better known as the Mystical Portal, is thought to be a portal between 2 dimensions.

The mysterious portal is located 22 miles (35 km) from the Peruvian city of Puno, not very far from Lake Titicaca.

It is carved into a stone wall, with a width and height of 23 ft (7 meters).

The doorway was discovered by Jorge Luis Delgado Mamani, who kept close ties with the shamans of the area.


Jorge learned about the existence of this cryptic gateway from a 450-year-old legend, according to which, a priest from the empire of the Incas was attempting to hide from the Spanish conquerors.

The story goes that he was trying to protect a golden disc, created by the gods. Thanks to his knowledge, he passed through the doorway and never returned.

According to another story, in 1974, some members of a music band went through the portal and were never seen again.

Locals believe that the door is an entranceway to the temple of the gods Meru.

They claim that during the late afternoons, the door becomes transparent and a lit city can be seen through it.


According to locals, if a person touches the stony frame of the doorway with their hands and places their head near the channels, they will get strange feelings; it is possible to hear melodies and see tunnels that cross the mountain.

Many people believe that Aramu Muru is the door, while the person is the key, but in order to go through it, they must be in harmony with the Sun.

Legend claims that the golden solar disc, which acts as an energy shield, is hidden beyond the portal.

12 chosen were supposed to deliver the precious disc to The Eternal City. Indian stories claim that with the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, the Incan people were subjected to merciless looting.

For this reason, the spiritual members of the tribe decided to conceal the Solar disc in a specially-built temple.

What is valuable about the disc is that it can generate as much energy as is required by the entire human race.

The legend says that one day the disc will be returned to the people by the priest who had hidden it.


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