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How to identify a modern witch

How to identify a modern witch

Modern witches do not look like the witches of old, who cursed entire villages to die or poisoning the milk of their cows. Yet there are witches and there are certain signs by which they can be recognized.

The modern urban witch is a woman who has special features – they foresee events and sometimes affect developments.

How to identify a modern witch

Such women are frightened by their thoughts, because they are often true. Modern witches are smart, very beautiful, their eyes shine in a special way. They always seem up for something that other people can understand and feel.

A witch asks many questions of men. She is a definite minx and direct questions provoke only a smile, but no response from her.

The modern witch looks at things in a particular way, slightly blurred. She has an almost masculine way of thinking and completely lacks what is known as female logic. Before she starts to cry, she tries to analyze the situation and understand why. She has more sense than emotions.

The witch features a graceful gait, elegant neck, wrists and feet. Her gait and movements are refined. Witches retain their youth for long, which produces envy in their peers. This is due to their ability to properly balance their energy.

The witch always attracts the attention of men - wherever they appear, whether the bus, in an office, or a restaurant, she is always a symbol of female sexuality. She can get any man as long as she require him.

Unfortunately, the modern witch suffers in her personal life, although she has many admirers. Men rarely want to be bound by such a woman, and are sure she will not be faithful.



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Comments (2)

24.12.2013 16:03
This is true.
15.06.2013 06:28
this is so silly, the modern witch isnt anything special, and as for the physical description...elegent neck? and wrists? hahaha.
sorry i am so upfront and blunt but the modern witch cant be identified. she/he is a normal person and loks like everyone else.
14.10.2014 02:52
Like.You are just so right.