Our favourite color gives away what kind of people we are

Our favourite color gives away what kind of people we are

If you love purple, you love to be noticed. People who prefer purple in various shades are usually dreamers and regularly escape from reality, to build their own reality in which they feel more comfortable. They tend to doubt everything and are lovers of peace.

Passionate red is a favorite color of fiery and lively natures who know what they want. They are sometimes aggressive, sometimes docile - in a word unpredictable. They are emotional and take risks, sometimes being reckless, but ultimately manage to achieve what they want.

Careful and confident are words that best describe people whose favorite color is green. hardly admit people into their inner world and find it hard to trust.

ink as a favorite color shows gentle, trusting and friendly natures. They do not like risk and are romantic and sociable.

If your favorite color is yellow, it means you are a fan of open and friendly relationships, you're ready for a compromise for your loved ones. These people are optimistic in any situation.

Orange makes for a lot of imagination and rich spirituality. People whose favorite color is orange, are often inconsistent in their dealings with others.

If you like gray, you are mysterious, even secretive. You do not show your feelings, preferring to keep them for yourself.

People who take see themselves as right in every situation wear black. They love to argue and are quite unconventional in their thinking.

If your favorite color is white, you are among the people who love very much and offer a lot of passion, but until you can get there, you set many demands.

Blue is for the people who have a calm nature, lovers of harmony in all aspects. They are often indecisive when placed in a difficult situations.


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