What Kind of Power Does Our Hair Hide?
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What Kind of Power Does Our Hair Hide?

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The ancient peoples believed that human hair had a specific bioenergy, which served as a mirror of our entire body and strengthened our emotional and psychological energy.

According to esotericism, hair is a source of energy of a higher quality. It is a gift of nature, which increases vitality, intuition and decreases stress.

There is no small number of legends that confirm the claims that hair acts as a battery for psycho-kinetic and emotional energy. Metaphysicists support this view, having noticed a law, according to which, bald men are more likely to get diabetes and hypertension.

Healthy Hair

According to occultists, a person's hair is the extension of their aura, bioenergy and acts as their link with the cosmic forces.

The ancients believed that our hair was one of the energy centers of our bodies, called chakras. According to them, there is a chakra located on the scalp, called Sahasrara. It is through this chakra that a person takes in the sun's and moon's rays, which influence their energy.

In the Old Testament legend about Samson and Delilah, it is also claimed that human hair has great power.

In the story it is said that Samson was an unbeatable warrior, whose enemies cowered in fear. The biblical hero attempted to free the Israelites from the Philistines. Fearing that they would be defeated, the Philistines bribed Samson's beloved - Delilah, to uncover the secrets of his strength.

American Indian

The treacherous woman forced the biblical warrior to admit that his power was hidden within his long hair, plaited into 7 plaits. Once Samson's hair was cut off, he was captured by the Philistines.

The legendary power of human hair is also maintained by the Native Americans, who were known for never cutting their hair. They astonished the European settlers with their supernatural instincts and intuition.

In a secret report of the US armed services, it was claimed that when they joined the Army, American Indians' hair was cut off, as with all the other soldiers. As a result, they suddenly lost their intuition.

From then on out, the US armed services decided not to cut off Native Americans' hair.



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