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Feng Shui to improve your material status

Feng Shui to improve your material status

Feng Shui has many practical applications that are logical, simple and even obvious. Ancient Feng Shui masters felt that at home there are certain places that correspond to the key areas of the life of its residents.

Working with these energy centers, you can understand what is happening in a given area of your life and improve it by putting items that will stimulate the activation of Chi energy.

Our homes are powerful energy magnets that can both attract what you really want in life, and to repel it.

By learning how to identify and work with these energy centers in our homes, we can become conscious creators of our lives.

You should clean and tidy the house, making it beautiful and add the necessary items to attract prosperity and bring more money into your life.

Put in a prominent place in your house inspiring works of art and other objects, describing things that you want to manifest in your lives.

For example, have a favorite photo of Tuscany, if you want to go there, or photos depicting the tropical paradise of Hawaii, where you are longing to spend your vacation.

Its good to have fountains, waterfalls and other water-related objects or pictures of running water. Also, items that you love and have paid significant sums for - like a favorite vase, coin collection, jewelry or art work.

Suitable healthy and shiny plants, shaped in the form of leaves and other flower jade coins. Items in purple, red and green, symbolizing wealth and money are all good.

Purple amethysts and crystals are excellent promoters. Add purple accessories and fabrics if you like that color in all its nuances.


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