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Common Feng Shui errors

Common Feng Shui errors

Many people follow the principles of Feng Shui completely chaotically and forget that its laws should not always be taken literally. So often mistakes.

The most common mistake is to place red objects for the activation of all zones in the home. Red symbolizes the element of fire and this is not the best choice for the activation of areas.

Fire strengthens the Earth and it is responsible for diseases, accidents and disputes. Red should not be considered a lucky color, it brings misery if you deploy it in the wrong place.

Absolute mistake is to think that the toilet is a bad place, according to Feng Shui. Do not forget that the modern system of sewerage has occurred relatively recently and the whole six thousand years of Feng Shui principles are not considered negative for the toilet area.

Another mistake is to believe that a good portable fountain according to Feng Shui is good in any situation. Clean neat fountain can improve the environment, but if you deploy in the wrong place, this will lead to the escalation of many problems.

Think well before you place the water flowing in any of the premises and consult with the principles of Feng Shui in this regard.

It is a mistake to believe that the talismans of Feng Shui work better if you put them unless the place is designated for them, you think you radiate love.

Of course, positive adjustment is very important. Even conventional medicines work better if the patient believes in their power. But Feng Shui talismans are not included as a command of your energy.

It is a mistake to believe that the oval mirror in the bedroom at any price will attract love to you. The mirror in the bedroom is just an obstacle, because they break and redirect energy flows.

Neither oval or elliptical mirror will add love in your life if you do not intend to change in any way your attitude and to ourselves.