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Meaning of Numbers According to Feng Shui

Jana G.Jana G.

Every day, we use numbers to calculate distance and time, to count money and forecast future events.

From our birth, we acquire the most important number for us - our date of birth, and throughout our entire life these numbers remain our companions.

According to Feng Shui, zero is the most perfect number, since it is like a great desert, not subtracting or adding anything, swallowing everything when you try to multiply it.

One is the concept of a number that can be added or subtracted. It is believed that one represents man, while two represents a woman. One brings the light side, while two brings the dark.

Two is that which is found down below and is completely immovable. Two carries the meaning of wanting to keep things as they are.

Three is the first perfection, a unison of the first two. Three is the symbol of the sky, earth and man. Three symbolizes development, life and death. Three is the desire to reach infinity.


Four is the birth of space in its aim to take shape. The square is a symbol of the physical world. Four symbolizes learning.

Five is a symbol of the development of space. It represents the five actions: birth, development, stabilization, withering and death. Five is the number of peace.

Six is the development in an internal and external aspect. This is a symbol for the desire to expand what has been learned.

Seven is a perfection, growth in all aspects. This is six but with the rule of yang. After consciousness has considered the theoretical situation, it is time for action.

Eight displays the various grades, a symbol of coming together. It also represents happiness.

Nine is the symbol of spiritual growth. It also denotes one's awareness of the inability to express the results of one's life experience.

According to Feng Shui, numbers are divided into yang - odd numbers and yin - even numbers. One also means profit, two - symmetry, three - growth, four - death, five - completion, six - prosperity, seven - change, eight - luck, nine - long life, ten - perfection, one hundred - long life, ten thousand - abundance.

The interpretation of numbers with more digits is done by adding up the meanings of the separate digits. Twenty-eight for example, is symmetry and luck, which means that luck will be with you often. There are also unfavorable combinations, one of them being forty-four.