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Symbols of Feng Shui

Symbols of Feng Shui

Objects that serve feng shui are made of natural materials - wood, stone, to bring positive energy.

Bamboo - Bamboo rods have exceptional protective properties, converting negative energy into positive. Hang bamboo bells above the threshold or window ledge and they will help you free yourself from the unfavorable impact of the outside world.

The Dragon is a traditional guardian of treasures, a symbol of wisdom and longevity. It is used as a talisman against enemies. The dragon is a symbol of power, wisdom, glory, immortality, and goodness. The image of a dragon guards the home and expels evil spirits and ill-wishers. Inside the dragon must in no case be higher than your head. In this case, he will begin to dominate and suppress your will.

Carnivorous animals like lion, tiger and puma, can give your life more confidence and strength, if you are timid and shy.

The lion represents a whole new kind of power and authority, invincibility. It is a symbol of the sun and fire. Lions symbolize rapid financial success and a gorgeous, carefree life, great friendship, and a powerful mind.

Tiger is a reliable form of protection in your personal life and business. If you do not have enough composure, keep around your desk a figure or image of this noble animal.

The elephant is a symbol of strength and wisdom. Figurines and images of an elephant bring luck and strengthen the spirit. A very effective mascot for the business, the elephant loves to advise and you should often caress the trunk, especially in those moments when you are going to take a difficult decision. Elephant empowers its owner. The most efficient are the statues of bronze, stone and wood.

Monkey is essentially an imaginative and creative mind, so it can serve as a wonderful mascot for the politician or businessman. The more monkeys you have in your collection, the luckier you expect to be.

The horse is a symbol of freedom and indomitable will, of courage, military valor and glory. The horse brings winds of change and favorable changes in life. Attach to its back or hoof a coin and then the horse will bring you fame and money.

The dog is a symbol of bravery, courage, selflessness, justice and true friendship. Dogs also embody the protection of family stability and family relationships. This powerful talisman will protect everyone, protecting from offenders, giving you well-being, and your home will flourish.

The Cock is a harbinger of dawn, embodies courage and foresight. The Cock is a talisman that alienates us from evil and bad thoughts. Red roosters protect the home from fire and white - from ghosts.

The bull represents reliability and quiet strength. It is a symbol of longevity and fruitful work, the symbol of stability and resilience, perseverance in reaching goals and hardworking. It is useful to keep at home to have a stable and regular income.

Symbols of Feng Shui

The cat brings good luck to the house. It is a symbol of the magical forces of nature, a symbol of eternity because of his habit to huddle. It is the badge of independence. The cat is also used as a symbol of success.

The Turtle is a symbol of longevity, success, health, patience, perseverance and wisdom. It is a symbol of cosmic order. According to feng shui, place the turtle in the northern part of the house. It is a good family gift, and for the elderly - a talisman, to maintain their health.

Fish - figurines and images of fish are the most popular mascot in feng shui - they symbolize success in the financial sphere. The Fish is a symbol of silence and philosophy but also a symbol of fulfillment of desires, bringing abundance and good luck, a symbol of justice and receiving merit. Figures of fish on the desk help your success in work and learning.

The frog is a popular symbol of luck with money. Place a figurine of a frog mascot with a coin and you will be more efficient.

The eagle is the best mascot in the sector of fame. It is for ambitious people who put themselves before the big problems and want to achieve a lot in life. The eagle is a symbol of acute vision and spiritual vision.

Cranes and storks are the symbol of health and longevity. Take them to the home of the frail and chronically ill person and you will be convinced in their beneficial attributes.

Wind chimes should be hung over the door or window. They transform negative energy and convert it into beneficial energy. Bells, metal bells, if often rung, will attract to you fast and energetic assistants.

Sailing boats and ships are notable mascots, attracting luck. Place the nose of the boat so that it faces inward toward the house, so luck will come to it. Place on the deck gold or silver to increase the effectiveness of the mascot.

Candles and lanterns are the most effective talisman of happiness. Beautiful candlesticks and lamps are another example of a powerful talisman of fire - universal activators of beneficial "chi" in the home. If you need the support of light energy, light candles every day.

A Duck means marital happiness, truth, beauty and bliss. The Duck and drake are a symbol of the union of love, mutual care and loyalty. For Jews, the duck is a symbol of immortality, for American Indians - a powerful mediator between sky and water.

A Ladybird is a symbol of luck. People connect it to the Virgin Mary. It is a symbol of marriage to those who yearn to have a family.