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Feng Shui Symbols for Men

Feng Shui Symbols for Men

Feng Shui is an ancient science of harmony with nature and the art of using it in everyday life. The Chinese have guided their lives through the principles of Feng Shui for centuries.

The symbolism of Feng Shui in life and choosing a talisman for a man

The symbols of this ancient art possess rich cultural features and significance. And while some are very well-known, others are less well-known. To be applied successfully, the chosen symbols must be in sync with the one for whom they are intended.

The reason why the symbolic level of Feng Shui works lies in the specific energy that this talisman puts into the human environment. The stronger the connection with the talisman, the more its owner understands and likes it, the stronger it becomes.

Therefore when choosing a talisman for a man one must know well the character of both the stylized symbol it depicts and the aspirations, essence and character of the man who will wear and possess it.

Most suitable symbols for men according to Feng Shui

The ancient art of Feng Shui translates as wind and water, referring to the connection between the energy that flows around us and the life force.

Talismans, which represent the whole variety of connections of the male life force with the surrounding world, should be made of natural materials, this makes them stronger.

Feng Shui Talismans for Men
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Animal figurines are very suitable for a male talisman. That of a tiger is good to accompany a person who needs calmness, while that of an elephant will provide protection to its master, strengthen his spirit and bring good luck.

The figurine of a horse for a male talisman is a wish for a favorable change in life, it will bring fame and money to its owner. For a wish for well-being, it is appropriate to give a dog talisman.

For the successful man who has already achieved his dreams in life, it is appropriate to wear a talisman figurine of a bull made of various natural materials - a symbol of the successful and strong man.

Those engaged in difficult male professions in the field of construction, finance and complex projects can have their invisible spiritual support from such a talisman.

Coin talismans were the first to be used in China, and nowadays they continue to have the same strong connection with the person that wears them. Coins on red thread with ancient symbols are a suitable talisman for a man who seeks his financial stability and strives for career and financial success.

Place of talismans-symbols

A talisman is a personal item for a man. It can find its place on the work desk, at the entrance of the home, be carried in the pocket or in the purse. The spiritual connection is important, the good harmony between the energies of the object - talisman and the person who owns it.