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Clear negatives from home

Clear negatives from home

To completely clean your home is not enough to wash the floor and dishes, or to polish the windows and mirrors. You can clear your home of all negative energy.

If you do, do not be surprised if you regularly lose your temper with your loved ones, even for no reason. Bickering and scandals are commonplace in a home that is not cleared of negative energy.

Of course, this does not mean that you should not wash the floor, windows, walls, doors and everything else in the summer - this is a real pleasure.

To clear your home of negative energy, must first find the sources of positive energy in the room.

It is recommended by Feng Shui, which is not a religious practice, but a science for the deployment of people and objects in space. Sources of positive energy are things that you load with energy and make you feel very relaxed and happy.

If you decide your home must be completely clean, you must clear everything very well, make it shine. Open all doors and windows to let light and air in.

Hidden deep negative images make you. Dispose of dead and dying plants - whether in a vase or pot. Exceptions are dried flowers.

Place fresh flowers everywhere. Light aromatic candles. Include nice unobtrusive music. Place all items in their places.

The East in water lensing is a very important ritual. Add five pieces of orange peel in a glass of fresh water. Walk around the house in a clockwise direction, starting from the door, and spray the aromatic water everywhere.



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Helen Khajekian
Helen Khajekian
23.03.2013 06:14
We should clean our home from negative energy on a daily basis as negative energy can cause many difficulties in our life. One of the best ways to remove negative energy is spiritual healing.
We can chant God’s name and remove negativity from us or we can burn incense sticks for purification of our room.