Your Subconscious can cure you

Your Subconscious can cure you

Your Subconscious can cure you

Shamans are always associated with ritual dancing into a trance and treatment of incurable diseases. Many times, these healers claim that they constantly make trips to other worlds, to be loaded with a special energy.

What actually shamans have known thousands of years ago, is that thoughts and feelings affect one's body. Simple example is lemon - Imagine a lemon and your mouth will be filled with saliva.

Thoughts that are intangible, can create harmonious and happy life or on the contrary - turn it into eternal struggle without dreams of joys and victories.

It is now established that thoughts matter, and the mind reacts. Medical and physical experiments of the late twentieth century have helped many of the strange effects of shamans become clearer.

This is due to the fact that sometimes the shaman can cure a man who could not be cured by the best doctors. In the early twenty-first century, we have established psychological techniques aimed at improving health, there are some techniques known by the shamans.

Rituals of shamans are based on effective work with the subconscious of people. And it is a thousand times stronger than the conscious mind, and fully capable of controlling people.

Shamans influence the subconscious by using the known effects of a placebo. Very often people feel better simply because shaman has his hand on their head.

If this does not help, often a modern shaman takes a small scissors, wraps them all in cotton and puts the scissors for seconds in the nose of the shocked patient. The important thing is that shortly after this procedure, his health improves dramatically.

Strange rituals act on the principle of a placebo, when healing occurs because the belief that some substance or ritual will cure a person, although this substance is a simple sugar syrup.

Man alone can program his brain to rescue, but not all that its very good. That is why shamans and psychics are so popular among sick people.

In many countries the disease is treated, taking property from a patient - a button or any portion of the garment - and burying it. This kills the disease.

Peruvian shamans enter a trance after drinking a potion of hallucinogenic cactus (Peyote). In Brazil, shamans use psychoactive mushrooms, to help them fall into trance.

The drum is binding because it acts on the brain waves and then - on the psyche of the patient. He feels that he fell into a peaceful state close to bliss. It is the key to the healing process.


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