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The Lines on your Forehead can Reveal Everything About you

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Besides by reading the lines of the hand, you can learn more about yourself simply by looking in the mirror and examining the lines you have on your forehead. They reveal your temperament and natural talents.

Skin wrinkles on the face have long been considered an indicator of our health and there's a theory that the actual location - around the mouth, forehead, eyes and so on, is a symptom of a particular health problem.

Let us now explore your character based on the lines on your forehead.

The first step in interpreting these lines is determining the direction in which they have formed - either horizontal or vertical.

Forehead Lines

1. Vertical lines

If you have 1 vertical line between the eyebrows, it means you are a persistent person, who strives for stability in life at all costs. You devote yourself fully to your favorite activities and people, while your dedication earns others' admiration. Often you are seen as an egotist and one who is very opinionated toward others but with time you manage to prove that you're a serious person.

Individuals with 2 vertical lines in the middle of the forehead are ones who easily understand everyone's pain. They are caring, kind and empathetic toward everyone they know, always managing to see the positive side in every person, even if they screw up. When they feel hurt, they tend to over-dramatize and can burst into tears immediately.

Those who have more than 2 vertical lines are perfectionists, who insist on carrying out every task perfectly. They are extremely efficient and as such make for excellent employees. Their abilities to analyze and work persistently to achieve their goals means they are often very successful.

2. Horizontal lines

In terms of astrology, each of the 7 possible horizontal lines that can form on the forehead bear the name of a particular planet.

The line of Saturn is found slightly below the hairline and those who possess it have a strong affinity for nature. They can aspire toward any profession related to the environment and would be excellent at it. Plus, they learn foreign languages very quickly.

Beneath the line of Saturn sits the line of Jupiter. It is visible in people who love extravagance in all its forms. They love to eat ravenously and wealth is their main goal in life. But they also love to develop their knowledge, as well as to travel to unexplored destinations.

The 3rd horizontal line is the line of Mars and shows aggressive individuals. If you possess it, then you are capable of exploding in an instant and attacking others but are also an extremely resilient person, who rarely gives up on their set goals. You also lack no courage to face the challenges.

The horizontal line in the middle of the forehead is the line of the Sun. It identifies all those for whom social prestige is the #1 priority. They strive to win over everyone's attention and as such often develop an artistic talent. They're fun and can entertain large groups of people but also insist on having authority over those around themselves.

A little ways under the line of the Sun is the line of Venus. Persons who have this line are creative individuals who have a knack for literature and art in all its forms. They are passionate by nature and would do anything for their beloved.

Located slightly above the eyebrows is the line of Mercury. It yields talent in the field of communication and your gift is in the same if you possess it. You can become an amazing speaker, writer or shopkeeper since you easily break the ice with strangers.

Right above the eyebrows lies the line of the Moon. Anyone who possesses it is sensitive, with a supernatural intuition and can easily gain the trust of others. You value everything material that brings you comfort and love indulging in delicious food and enjoying a nice break.

It's also possible you possess more than one horizontal line, in which case this indicates you are a multifaceted person. It is not a good sign if the lines are disconnected because this means misfortune lies ahead.