Aztec Pyramid

Mysterious Temple Revealed in a Mexican Pyramid after Earthquake

The earthquake that hit Mexico in 2017 has led researchers to a curious new find. The destructive disaster that hit the country last fall has revealed parts of an ancient settlement, hidden on the inside of an ancient pyramid in the Aztec city of Teopanzolco.

It is believe that the temple was built as a ritual site for worshiping Tlaloc. Tlaloc was the god of fertility, abundance and water, who played a vital role in Aztec rituals.

The remains of the unique find were spotted after the powerful earthquake that struck the central parts of Mexico and took the lives of nearly 370 people.

The disaster in essence changed the structure of the pyramid and when experts later investigated it with modern equipment found an unexplored area.

It was a temple dedicated to Tlaloc, who according to descriptions was at least 19.5 ft (6 m) tall. Besides the ruins of the temple, they found pieces of ceramic containers and other objects, which were used for religious rituals.

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