The Phenomenal Hunza - Humans or Extraterrestrials?


For years the people known as the Hunza, living on the border between Pakistan and India, have been labeled as "super people". Some even believe that the Hunza are of extraterrestrial origin.

The legends surrounding this people stem from the phenomenal abilities of the tribe. The Hunza have a perfect immunity against all types of diseases - no member of the tribe has ever suffered from cancer.

The lifespan of the Hunza is between 110 and 120 years, leading many to believe that they are a generation from an alien civilization.

The Hunza have puzzled scientists, bathing in water with a surrounding air temperature of 5°F (-15°C) and then not getting sick afterwards.

The diet this tribe adheres to is also curious. During summer, they only eat fruits and vegetables, and during winter - cooked meals full of dried fruits and sheep's cheese.

Throughout the period, known as "Hungry Spring", the Hunza consume no food. This is the period when the fruits have not yet ripened, which is why they only drink juice from dried apricots.


Hungry Spring continues 2-4 months of the year and every member of the community participates, as a sign of reverence toward their culture.

For many foreigners, it is the healthy diet that is the reason for the Hunza's long life without disease.

Some years ago, a Scottish physician decided to test out this way of eating. He got 2 groups of animals, giving foods to one that a typical English family eats - white bread, refined sugar, herring, canned foods and vegetables.

The 2nd group of animals ate the same way that the Hunza do.

The results from the experiment showed that the diet of the Hunza was way healthier than that of the English.

The Hunza can travel between 62 mi - 124 mi (100 km - 200 km) a day, climbing up steep mountains. They display a surprising energy, traveling this distance in just a few hours.


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