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The Most Stunning Human Phenomena


So far there are 4 recognized men, whose phenomenal abilities are still not fully understood and who evoke amazement in millions of people around the world.

The man who ate an airplane

The French man Michel Lotito began demonstrating his phenomenal ability to eat practically anything since the age of 9. At 16, Michel decided to showcase his unusual skills in front of an audience, thereby winning over the hearts of the public.

As a young boy, he had eaten the family's TV, and in front of an audience and cameras, he has eaten metal, rubber and even an entire Cessna 150 airplane.

In 40 years, Lotito has eaten over 8 tons of iron.

The man who never sleeps

72-year-old Vietnamese farmer Ngoc Thai hasn't slept in 41 years. In 1973, the Vietnamese man fell ill from a fever and has not slept since.

Medics and scientists from around the world are still puzzled by his unconventional state, and what's even more surprising is that Ngoc Thai has no health problems.

Thai has absolutely no problems in his daily hauling of 110 lb (50 kg) sacks of fertilizer.


The farmer shares that he has a lot of free time, in which he works in his field, feeds the pigs, goes fishing and beats a ritual drum to fend off evil spirits from his village.

The man with infallible memory

Among the most impressive human phenomena is also Kim Peek, who according to doctors had the rare savant syndrome.

Peek could memorize an entire book without error, just by reading it once. The man was considered the inspiration for the main character in the American film Rain Man.

He could memorize information from different fields in on time - history, geography, literature, film, sports, music, science and religion.

The boy who sees with his tongue

The American Ben Underwood was only 3 years old when doctors diagnosed him with retinal cancer and removed both of his eyes in order to save his life.

To the doctors' astonishment however, Ben learned to see with his tongue instead of his eyes, and much like bats, was able to detect the sound echo of objects and determine their location with accuracy.



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