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Suffer from insomnia? Look for problems in the workplace


Disorder and conflict in the workplace can lead to disturbances in sleep and insomnia, U.S. researchers reported. Researchers from University of Michigan studied for 10 years the sleep of more than 2, 300 people.

Conflicts in the work undoubtedly give a negative affect on sleep. This condition is directly related to ill health and can lead to constant fatigue


Ten classics against mild insomnia:

1. After lunch drink cafe, coca cola and eat chocolate

2. Eat something light for dinner

3. Have an evening walk

4. Sip a glass of warm milk with honey

5. A small whiskey with ice before bedtime

6. Take a hot shower or bath at bedtime

7. Sex before sleep, relaxes muscles and nervous system, do not forget! !

8. Sleep in a cool of 14-18 degrees

9. Give yourself a comfortable bed

10. Think how nice tomorrow will be and the nice things that will happen.

Insomnia and how to fight it

Insomnia is a common problem in modern life. But for most people who complain they are not concerned about physical or mental illness or disturbances in behavior, in view of life.

People who suffer from insomnia decide to seek specialized assistance years after they were found to have a problem. But most people are worried that they have lost control over something as simple as a dreaming, they believe that sleeping is the only salvation, and so only exacerbates the problem.

Therefore, we suggest several remedies that we hope will help you rest better at night:

If, once you're in bed, you're not asleep by the twentieth minute, you are better to get up and return only when your eyes are feeling they want to close.

Avoid fueling at your fear of becoming asleep. It makes no sense to go to bed at nine, just because you know that you will sleep for 11 hours. It is recommended to go to bed only during the time that you really want to sleep.

Drink before bedtime one cup of warm milk and honey. Do not overeat in the evening because it will be hard on the stomach and generally you will not be able to sleep. Eat if possible before 22.00 hours and then with a light meal.

Use methods of relaxation if you can not sleep. This will help remove tensions arising from the thought "What's waiting for me tomorrow" If you can not sleep.

Brave the wrong concepts such as this, it is imperative to sleep 8 hours to feel in human shape.

Remember the proverb: "The morning is wiser than the evening".



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