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The Three Zodiac Signs Who Most Often Suffer from Low Self-Esteem

Antonia R.Antonia R.
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There's hardly a person out there who doesn't feel shortcomings about their outer appearance. There are 3 zodiac signs who suffer from low self-esteem most often. They find it hard to get past the insults others make about their appearance.


It's quite difficult for Taureans to swallow insults aimed at the way they look and often suffer from low self-esteem from as early as grade school. For them it's a challenge to accept themselves as they are and they let others' opinion affect them.

The lack of adequate self-esteem affects their love life as well. Often, representatives of this sign are lonely because they are excessively insecure and avoid contacts with the opposite sex or because they've conjured an image of the perfect partner who does not exist.



Harsh behavior deeply hurts Libras and if their parents or classmates were stern with them, this leaves a long-lasting scar on their behavior.

Representatives of this sign rarely have any qualms about their outer appearance but when it comes to character traits, they secretly wish they were perfect. As a result of this attitude and because they easily underestimate themselves, it's hard for them to win the respect of others.


Pisces are severely affected by the words of others and if they regularly hear unpleasant comments about themselves, this will seriously influence their self-esteem. However, representatives of this water sign avoid sharing their emotions and try to conceal them.

On the one hand they don't share what bothers them and on the other - they become very suspicious toward others. They are reserved toward strangers and even have doubts that those closest to them are saying negative things behind their back.