Repetitive dreams are an alarm for problems

Repetitive dreams are an alarm for problems

Strange as it may be our own dreams cost us sometimes, they tell us something about ourselves, French scientists are convinced.

But this is obtained from the deepest layers of the subconscious, it is not obvious, and one must learn how to understand it. If you want to understand the importance of your own dream, you should consider that all participants have an impact on various aspects of yourselves and the relationship between these aspects.

Repetitive dreams are an alarm for problems

Because our dreams reflect a deep understanding of life situations and our behavior in them, they can often predict the further development of a situation and in this respect we can prepare for upcoming changes.

For example, if you often dream that you sit on something that falls apart under you, it means that you lose the point of support in dealing with your proxies.

Recurring dreams signal the internal problem that requires your response to be abolished. So it is an "Order" dream.

Before going to bed, focus on the question of who should decide and interpret the dream in the morning.

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