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If you Dream of Raw Meat - Expect to Fall Sick


Multitudes of people deny the defining role of our dreams but at the same time, many more regularly consult a dream dictionary to determine the meaning and prophecy, which may be hiding in their dream.

If you dream of raw meat, this without a doubt means disease and you can find confirmation of this in every single dream dictionary.

Do not disregard such a claim with a smirk if you too have consulted an online dream dictionary and it "replied" that a danger to your health awaits you if you have seen raw meat in your dream. Just because you don't believe doesn't mean it isn't so.


Even well experienced psychotherapists advise us to listen to our dreams because they can provide an answer to many problems in our lives or a hint as to how to act in a given situation.

If you dream of raw meat, this means that the body is giving a warning signal during sleep for an imminent disease. Usually it is thought that the disease is already in us but the symptoms have not yet manifested.

If you dream that you are lost, have missed your flight or train, or have a troublesome dream where you cannot find your way or are fatally late, this is an omen of a nervous breakdown.

Usually this signal appears up to 10 days before the nervous breakdown occurs and is a result of exhaustion or a burdensome, long-lasting personal drama.



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