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What Drives Each Zodiac Sign Crazy

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Each zodiac sign has its own Achilles' heel, which, if affected, can drive that particular sign absolutely crazy. Certain situations can also aggravate some of the signs.

Aries - waiting

Aries do not at all like to stand in line and wait for something they want. Representatives of this sign are known for their incredible impatience and whenever they want something, they want it right away. Waiting very easily brings them to a nervous breakdown and they explode quickly.

Taurus - moving

That which representatives of Taurus hate the most is moving from one home to another. Packing and unpacking items aggravates them to the utmost.

Gemini - routine


Geminis are not the type of people that can live according to a precise schedule that requires them to do the same thing at a certain time. Geminis hate routine and monotony, striving to do something different every day.

Cancer - breaking up with a beloved

For most star signs it's not at all easy to get over a love breakup, but for Cancers, it's even harder. They go off the rails when breaking up with someone and it is much harder for them to accept the fact that they are alone.

Leo - whenever someone contradicts them

Leos love to impose their will at all costs and it is a huge drama for them whenever someone does not agree with their opinion. Leos are drastic in their behavior whenever someone contradicts them, so expect extreme reactions.

Virgo - disorder

Virgo is the sign of order and that which can drive them bonkers is disorder. Dirty dishes, unmade beds and clothes on the floor are a real challenge for the emotional stability of Virgo.

Libra - conflicts

Members of the air sign aim to avoid conflicts at all costs because they lead them to severe nervous breakdowns. After a conflict, Libras feel exhausted and completely powerless.

Scorpio - cheating


Scorpios become exceptionally unstable if their partner cheats on them. To them, cheating is a high form of betrayal and they would never forgive it under any circumstances.

Sagittarius - stagnation

A Sagittarius can be driven up the wall if their life sits in stagnation. They love changes and action and break down if they feel that they are no longer developing.

Capricorn - getting fired

Capricorns are the careerists of the zodiac and give it their all to build a shining career. That is why if they were to get fired, they would get depressed and go crazy.

Aquarius - injustice

Ever since they were children, representatives of Aquarius have been watching whether the actions around them have been just. This does not change when they become adults and if someone acts with unfairness and harms someone else, they get agitated.

Pisces - rushing

Pisces's nerves face ruination whenever someone pressures them to complete a given task as fast as possible. They avoid a quicker tempo because it stresses them out.



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