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The Greatest Fears of Each Zodiac Sign

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Representatives of the various zodiac signs are afraid of different things. Though some may act braver than they really are, there are certain things that undoubtedly horrify them, making them lose sleep, worsening their health and ruining their peace of mind.

Astrologers have always claimed that the star sign under which a given person is born affects the peculiarities of their personality and character. Additionally, it turns out, it determines the fears that dog them throughout life.

Sometimes these worries are concealed, which makes us vulnerable to the outside world. At the same time it's wise to know what the weaknesses of those around us are.

This may help us not only better understand ourselves but also teach us how to handle the differences between us. Find out what the greatest fears of each zodiac sign are below.



Obsessed by perfectionism and beset by a panicky fear of not accomplishing his tasks. Aries fears that everything he's achieved could come tumbling down at some point. Loneliness and idleness also horrify him.


While young, Taurus fears nothing but as he ages he becomes obsessed with the terror of losing his stability. Ending up alone and without their livelihood - for them it's the equivalent of death. Taurus also dreads having to meet new people because he simply isn't interested and doesn't need a lot of friends.


Lacking psychological complexes of any kind, Geminis are afraid of obtaining such. They're terrified of missing the point of life. They cannot stand loneliness and always want to feel useful to the world in some way.


This sign is comprised of complexes that never stop changing. Cancers are horrified of the possibility of disappointing others. The public's opinion of them is their main driving force in life. They also fear losing their financial stability and changes in general.



Fearless and self-confident at first glance, their fears and complexes are hidden deep inside like a ticking time bomb. Leos are convinced that they're perfect. But deep down they know they have tons of shortcomings and this freaks them out. Failing in any field is among their worst fears, as well as being left unemployed or playing a secondary role in life.


They are exceptionally dependent on the opinions of others. Virgos are horrified of gossip, being made fun of and ridiculed. This prevents them from becoming leaders and fulfilling clearly defined goals. This makes them precise and inert at the same time, individuals incapable of ever really reaching that high.


For them, position in society is of particular importance. Even if they reach the highest peaks they can never be truly happy. They're horrified of the idea of not being understood by anyone. Their main fear lies in the doubt of their own abilities. They're capable of quitting any undertaking because they think they won't be able to handle the challenge.


Prideful, they'll never admit being afraid of something. But their worst fear is not having any work to do. Routine is also unbearable for them. This is also the reason why they hide all of their complexes and fears beneath a mask of strength, coldness and unscrupulousness.



Lovers of everything new, Sagittarii hate it when someone tries to limit their freedom. Closed spaces aren't their thing. They also dislike anyone trying to prevent them from learning new things. That is why Sagittarius strives to ensure himself a good position in society and to gain stability. Their leading concern is being left unemployed or without anything to do.


When young, Capricorns are anguished by their appearance. With time they begin to see things realistically. They're reserved and cannot find an approach to people, which causes issues in their mind. Their major fears in life are ending up penniless, without any friends or losing something they've earned.


They panic at the thought of blending in with others. The worst for them is becoming part of the gray society they're in. Aquarius loves groups of people but sometimes wants to be alone. That's where the paradox comes in - when alone, Aquarians give in to the fear of ending up alone forever or losing their job.


This mysterious sign is sensitive, gentle and indecisive by nature. Pisces fear everything that spills out of the boundaries of their rational ideas of the world. Interestingly, they're also afraid of being punished for something throughout their entire life.