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October Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign


On October 9th, Mercury leaves it final retrograde phase for the year. On the 9th, Venus enters the earthly Virgo and along with Mars, they will be traveling together in the sign for all of October.

Aries - Make compromises and be compliant

During the 1st 10 days of the month, you may have less money at your disposal than you're accustomed to. But this problem will be quickly resolved once Mercury starts heading in the right direction. In order to have harmonious and pleasant relations with the people around you, you'll have to give ground and make a few more compromises. In love you'll be looking for new experiences, no matter if you're single or in a relationship.

Taurus - Hardships in your romantic relationship are on the horizon

You won't have any problems in the material sense during October, you may even be rewarded extra. However, you will be faced with hardships on the love front. Throughout this month it's important, along with your partner, to find the balance in your desires and be more tolerant of the other's point of view.


Gemini - You're loaded with creative impulse

In the 1st half of the month, you'll be loaded with creative impulse, one that you should follow. There looks to be a period of tension in the family up ahead; it's possible you may be spending the majority of your free time caring for loved ones. Avoid large-scale purchases in October and spend wisely so you don't fall into debt.

Cancer - Conflicts with loved ones to come

You'll have to pay off your old debts in October. You'll often get into conflicts with relatives, and even a single gossip may lead to a disruption of your relations with a friend. You'll find yourself constantly seeking comfort in your past memories. Changes are coming in your career and you're recommended not to let the tiny little details ruin your mood.

Leo - You're an inspiration to others

For all of October you'll inspire and motivate people with your dynamic way of life. No matter what obstacles you face along the way, be proactive in solving problems. In your love life you'll learn valuable life lessons. Learn from your mistakes with your partner so you don't repeat them. At work you'll have to finish your tasks.


Virgo - Be independent and plan your goals

Don't share your plans, even with those closest to you. Set aside some time to clarify and outline your goals. If you're single, it's possible you may meet many new people doing the 1st half of the month. But you shouldn't hope for a serious and long-lasting relationship. It's time for you to be more independent and not be too reliant on your parents.

Libra- Start projects you've planned

October is the perfect time for you to start your new projects. You are loaded with optimism and transfer it to others around you with ease. Focus on work and don't go on long trips. Let yourself be led by your intuition in the middle of the month. Conflicts with your partner may arise since you may have ignored them up until now.

Scorpio - Initiative and mobilization will benefit you

Throughout the month you'll have to mobilize your energy and strength, so that you can handle the stressful and busy month that lies ahead. If you've decided to make changes to your appearance, do it during the 2nd half of the month. Show initiative in love - demonstrate your feelings to your partner more often or find the courage to talk to the person you like if you're single.

Sagittarius - Be with your partner more often

Dedicate the majority of the month to your partner. October is the ideal period to get engaged or undertake another serious step in your relationship. The things you do for your partner now will be rewarded later. A little more enthusiasm will help you in your career. You may get sent on a long business trip this month.

Capricorn - An emotionally tense month ahead

Don't undertake anything serious at the beginning of the month, or these will be met with failure. You'll be extremely tense emotionally in the middle of the month; you're advised to find pastimes to take your mind off things. Your love life will be quite colorful and pass back and forth between insults and strong outbursts of love. But your efforts at work will fully pay off.


Aquarius - You have the opportunity to fix your old mistakes

If there are mistakes from your past that you seriously regret, this month you will be given the opportunity to fix things to your liking. For the 1st days of October it's important for you to be more disciplined and concentrated than normal. You may once again ignite old disagreements with your partner but toward the end of the month you'll smooth out all your problems.

Pisces - You'll be overburdened with tasks

Control your words carefully so you don't insult someone close to you on accident. You'll be overburdened with tasks this entire month, due to which the coming days won't be particularly easy for you. For the serious problems, rely on your experience and seek the support of loved ones. Your partner will be by your side in those hard times. The period is not suitable for signing any long-term contracts or for traveling.