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The Types of People According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine heals people based on their character and holds that the energy the person is suppressing or missing is what's causing their illness. Before treatment can begin, it's important to determine the type that the person belongs to.

There are 8 types, which are listed below. Looking at them, you can find out which of the 3 main energies is the root cause of your problem and you'll be able to find an explanation for your health issues.

According to Chinese medicine there are 3 main categories of energy - Yin (female energy), Yang (male energy) and Qi (vital energy). Very few individuals manage to achieve balance between them.

Below you can find out which energy you have issue with according to your characteristics and find out how to improve your health.

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1. The harmonious type

The harmonious type are the ones who have achieved a balance between the Yin and Yang energies, while their Qi functions perfectly in their body. These individuals are in good health, are optimistic about the future and rarely get sick. They are advised to avoid fatty and spicy foods and instead eat more fruits and vegetables.

2. Deficiency of vital Qi Energy

Persons who are deficient in vital Qi Energy are apathetic and lazy. They catch colds often, while their stomach is always flabby. And since their body isn't strong enough, once they fall sick it's difficult for them to recover. These kinds of people tend not to take any kinds of risks at all because they're afraid of the future. They are advised to eat chicken, soy and mushrooms, as well as spending 30 min. in the afternoon napping. Suitable exercises for them are the slow kinds, such as yoga or walking.

3. Deficiency of Yang Energy

These individuals are always feeling cold and even when the temperature drops just slightly they're looking for something warm and soft with which to cover themselves. They are introverts by nature and dislike attracting attention to themselves. If you're lacking Yang Energy, eat foods that warm the body, such as garlic and spicy foods. Make sure you avoid consuming watermelon and pears. You can also develop your Yang Energy by exercising out in the open.

4. Deficiency of Yin Energy

Those who are lacking Yin Energy are constantly thirsty. Their palms are warm, their faces - red. Usually they're full of life and happy but if something irritates them, they easily explode. If you're deficient in Yin Energy, you need to consume foods that cool the body, such as fresh fruits and veggies, duck meat. Aerobic exercises are suitable, further, Chinese healers recommended going to bed early.


5. Excessive phlegm

This condition is also known as water retention. These types of people tend to be overweight, have oily skin, a bloated belly and become exhausted easily. By nature, they demonstrate a peaceful and benign character. They're advised to avoid foods that are too fatty and sweet. They need to spend the majority of their time outside and exercise by going dancing and swimming.

6. Moisture and heat in the body

These individuals often suffer from acne, skin pigmentation, bad breath and oily skin. They usually look anxious and uncomfortable. They're constantly worrying about the future and always thinking. They're advised to eat light foods, such as celery and cucumbers, and to focus on intense exercise, such as gym workouts and boxing.

7. Blood stasis

These types of people often suffer from red eyes and when they brush their teeth their gums bleed. Even if you were to hurt them, they tend to quickly forget the insult but do look anxious and upset. They need to improve their blood circulation by eating red beans, seaweed and radishes. Dancing and gym workouts are suitable for them.

8. Suppressed Qi Energy

When a person's Qi Energy does not flow freely, their body turns weak and their health deteriorates. They frequently complain of insomnia, are sentimental and constantly in a dark mood. To alleviate their melancholy, they're advised to eat seaweed and drink herbal tea. Playing games with a ball and chess will also restore the flow of their vital energy.