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Put 3 Coins in Sea Salt and Watch a Miracle Happen!


Money may not exactly buy happiness but they can definitely make life easier. It's probably why nearly everyone wishes for fortune and tries to increase their financial earnings in any way possible.

It's no accident then that there are so many rituals for attracting money out there. One belief goes that if you carry Chinese coins in your wallet or pocket you're going to have a lot of luck and lots of money.

According to another belief, a talisman of a pyramid or turtle also brings earnings to the inhabitants of the home. The same applies if you carry a basil leaf in your wallet or grow the herb at home.

Piggy Bank

There's an easier, yet effective, ritual for attracting money, which also dates back to ancient times. It's quite simple to carry out.

All you have to do is pick 3 coins, wash them well, then dry them (this is done to eliminate any foreign energy they may be carrying). Next, pour a little sea salt at the bottom of a jar, salt shaker or piggy bank. Add the coins and close the container.

Say this aloud: Let my pockets fill with as much money as there are grains of salt here!

Put the container away somewhere where only you can see it. If you truly believe in the effects of this ritual, you're soon going to enjoy financial benefits.