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Miracle Worker in Brazil cured cancer

Miracle Worker in Brazil cured cancer

Arrigo is a Brazilian miracle worker, born in 1921, which tragically died in 1971, after predicting his own death. By the end of the 40s of last century, he led the life of an ordinary man with nothing different from others.

But once, armed with a pocketknife, he removed tumors from the lungs of not just anyone, but a politician. From that moment on, crowds besieged the modest home of the healer.

Arrigo did not refuse to help anyone and did not take money. Interestingly, this phenomenon operated only on those on whom modern medicine had given up.

Although Arrigo did not even have a single case of complications after surgery, a criminal case was filed against him. The reason was that he was engaged in healing work without a medical degree.

Not even the help of the president of advocacy Brazil Kubicek, whose daughter he cured of cancer helped. But even during his stay behind bars, Arrigo continued to advise patients.

In the 60’s there was a committee, trying to examine the working methods of Arrigo. They recorded all his diagnoses and tested his recipes, but also examined his cured patients.

The physician himself was repeatedly photographed, filmed on film tape and took numerous interviews, they checked his actions with infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Committee members, however, could not understand how Arrigo healed people. They found a that he was not even once wrong with his diagnosis.

The practitioner performed his operations in a trance. When he came to himself, he did not remember anything. Typically, a glance was sufficient for diagnosis. Then he took the knife and performed his operations. In his trance, Arrigo spoke German, although he never studied the language.

It turned out that through him an Austrian doctor named Adolf, who died during the First World War appeared. In short Arrigo proved nothing more than a natural medium in which his physical body connected the doctor’s spirit.

Arrigo himself foretold his own death. A bus packed with people capsized in an empty level road. Only he died, but none of the other passengers received even a scratch.