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The True Story of a Canadian Farmer`s UFO Encounter! Read it Here

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Edwin Fuhr

Edwin Fuhr was just an ordinary farmer from Canada. But what he witnessed on September 1, 1974 was anything but ordinary.

The year was 1974. On the first day of September, Edwin was going about his farm work on his property as he had always done, not far from the town of Langenburg in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. While he was driving his small tractor to the next field, he noticed a strange metallic shine.

Edwin got off his tractor and approached the phenomenon. He saw a metallic, spherical object rotating around its axis, above one of the swampy pools in the field. Something like a metallic tube appeared to come out of the object, whose end descended into the water. Edwin immediately realized that this was nothing of earthly origin, horror gripping him on the spot.

Canadian UFO
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Despite his panic, the farmer ran back to his tractor and tried to get away. But its engine would not start. At that point, Edwin noticed that the spherical object rose into the air and began to sway side to side. Behind it, 4 identical spherical objects appeared in the sky, all spinning about their axes. One by one they flew higher, stood there for a time, then flew away.

The awestruck farmer watched the UFO dance for 15 min. After the last of the objects had vanished, he discovered crop circles - rings of his crops had been flattened to the ground, while the center and other crops around them were left standing.

Edwin immediately called police. The case made it all the way to the National Research Council in Ottawa. After a month they announced that they weren't able to determine whether the case was a close encounter of the 3rd kind because the information was insufficient. Shortly afterward, an expert from the Illinois chapter of the Mutual UFO Network was sent to investigate. His conclusion: Edwin Fuhr was not lying.

Interest in the unique case was renewed in September 2017. Journalist Mark Melnychuk held an interview with the now 79-year-old Edwin Fuhr and retired police officer Ron Morier, who investigated the case. To this day, the 2 of them remain convinced that the events in 1974 did indeed occur. However, the case remains a mystery and probably will remain so in the future.