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What to Expect Until May 10 According to the Horoscope


This past Monday the full moon phase entered the sign of Scorpio, inciting the revelation of secrets. 2 tense aspects throughout the week require us to choose our words carefully and pressure us to make a decision about a given issue.

Aries - Happiness comes from home and family this week

On Thursday, Venus enters Cancer, making the 2nd half of the week a lot more easy-going than the 1st. Happiness and positive moments this week will come from the home and family. You need to stay away from financial operations at the beginning of the week, even if they try to lure you with promises of making money quickly and easily.

Full moon

Taurus - Others' criticism will bring tensions

The tense aspect between the moon and Jupiter, as well as the full moon in Scorpio, will lead you to think that the people around you have an overly critical attitude toward you and are too demanding toward your work. You'll tend to dramatize events around you until Wednesday. But near the end of the workweek your viewpoint will change and you'll manage to look at events from a new perspective.

Gemini - You'll reevaluate your old plans once again

Throughout the 1st half of the week, the planetary aspects will focus on to what extent you can keep given promises. The people around you will make you reevaluate your past plans and weigh in on your achievements and failures. Venus will leave your sign this week, to enter Cancer, the result being you paying more attention to your reasoning rather than your feelings.

Cancer - You break off all contact with someone close to you

There is a chance for you to completely break off all contact with someone close to you because you are highly disappointed by their behavior and unkept promises. The full moon in Scorpio will have you focus on your relations with others around you, making you bolder and having a greater tendency to throw out any unnecessary people from your life. Venus enters your sign on Thursday and will remain in it until June 5th, putting you in the mood for more romance.


Leo - You overexaggerate and dramatize events

You'll be subject to your strong emotions all week. It is likely that someone with more authority than you will trample your sense of justice, provoking intense opposition in you. You'll overexaggerate and dramatize events, while your sober assessment will return at the end of the week.

Virgo - You are entirely subservient to your emotions

Your emotions and passions will reach their peak this week. The full moon and its square with Jupiter provoke you to speak and act without thinking ahead of time, something not typical for your temperament. Your plans may spin out of control and for your intentions to be too unclear for others. After May 6, the situation will get back to normal and you'll regain your spiritual balance.

Libra - You may test your friends this week

In the days until May 10, you'll be focused on your earnings and more specifically money that you give to others. It's possible for the people around you to think that your financial capabilities are limitless, thereby asking you for a loan or not paying one back. This week you'll get the chance to test your friends - whether they are loyal individuals that can be trusted or only seek you out to further their own interests.

Scorpio - It's time for reassessment

The full moon this Monday, which occurs only once a year in your sign, will put you in the mood for reassessment regarding the events of the past few months. It's time for you to determine which of your goals are achievable and which ones need to be reformulated. The presence of Venus in Cancer beginning this Thursday will bring you loads of delightful moments with people that you share interests with and are similar in character.

Sagittarius - Your plans fall apart


Your sign ruler, Jupiter, forms tense aspects with the sun and moon this week, meaning your days will be filled with disappointments due to arrangements that won't be taking place. You'll have a difficult time keeping up with your schedule and plans but at the end of the week your positive mood will return.

Capricorn - Failures will disappoint you

If you're expecting your plans to work out gradually and easily, you'll end up disappointed. The planetary aspects will lead you to look at your failures in a more dramatic light than is necessary. But at the end of the week you will receive support and your efforts will yield positive results.

Aquarius - You won't keep your promises

You'll have a very difficult time keeping given promises at the beginning of the week. Many arrangements will fall apart, while those around you will think you frivolous and dishonest. From Wednesday until the end of the week you'll have the opportunity to improve your professional skills.

Pisces - Changes regarding loved ones

Great changes are to take place in your relationships with loved ones. You may even completely sever all ties with some of them, while bond stronger than ever with others. The week is suitable for working as part of a team. Starting Thursday, with Venus entering Cancer you'll be more in the mood for love.