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Test Reveals What you Would Never Forgive

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A simple psychological test can positively identify which human acts you would never forgive. What's important when taking it is to trust your intuition.

The test contains 6 characters which take part in a fictional story.

Irene is a girl who has been in a relationship with Eugene for 1 year. Both of them decide to start living together, after which Eugene accidentally finds out that Irene has cheated on him with his best friend Paul. Furious, Eugene kicks out Irene from his home, who now has nowhere to go.

She begs him for forgiveness but he is not persuaded and leaves the girl out on the street. The desperate Irene calls Paul but he does not wish to get further involved and refuses to help her, coming up with an excuse.

Irene gets her things and begins wandering the streets, at which point she is hit by a car, driven by Tom. Tom has forgotten his driver's license at home and decides to run away from the accident.

The ambulance is half an hour late and once Irene arrives at the nearest hospital, the doctor on duty, Roumen, refuses to look at her since there's only a little bit of time until the end of his shift and he decides to leave, leaving the injured patient for the next doctor, Aaron.

Doctor Aaron, however, does not show up for work since he had had way too much to drink the night before in celebrating his nephew's birthday.


As a result of all this, Irene dies from internal bleeding.

Your task in the test is to place the 6 characters - Irene, Eugene, Paul, Tom, Roumen and Aaron, in order depending on their level of guilt in the events. Determine who is most guilty from first to sixth place.

Each one of the characters in the story symbolizes specific human acts, which are not easy to forgive. In first and second place, place that which you would never forgive; in third and fourth place - that, which you would forgive only under certain circumstances; and in fifth and sixth place - that which you would always forgive.

Symbolic meaning of the characters:

Irene - adultery;

Eugene - cruelty;

Paul - betrayal;

Tom - cowardice;

Roumen - indifference;

Aaron - irresponsibility.