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Do you have a Guardian Angel Line on your Hand? Find out What it Means

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Guardian Angel Line

Take a close look at your left and right hand. If you find that you have a guardian angel line, consider yourself really lucky because this line indicates that you're protected from misfortune, no matter what kind of hardships you may be faced with.

Since ancient times, people have believed that their future is written on the lines of their hands. Our left hand is said to have our past life written on it, while our right hand reveals our present and future.

In palmistry, however, both hands are interpreted, while the guardian angel line is thought to be a very good sign.

The guardian angel line shows that you're protected by a higher power. If you have it, this line is located near your line of life and indicates that you're shielded from all kinds of severe twists and turns in life.

Few people actually have it on their hand but those that do are indeed lucky, for they'll be protected from misfortune of any kind.

The guardian angel line is also called the "second line of life." And not because it's in proximity to it but because it signifies salvation, protection and strong support.

Guardian Angel

It is parallel to the line of life. If they are the same length, this means that you'll be shielded by your guardian angel throughout your entire life. Sometimes the guardian angel line is shorter, in which case you'll only receive support from higher powers during a particular period in your life.

Breaks and twists along the line of life represent various troubles, illnesses and poverty but if you have a guardian angel line next to it, it means you're going to overcome all of these.

If there's a guardian angel line present only on your right hand, this indicates that you're going to receive support due to the good deeds you've done now or will do in the future, and if it is only on your left hand - the support is due to suffering you've experienced in the past.