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Dreams of Being Naked and Clothes do Have Meaning! Find out What it is

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Psychologist Ian Wallace has spent 30 years studying human dreams. It turns out that a dream where we're naked is one of the most common ones and it comes to us with a specific meaning.

When we dream that we're naked in public, it means that in reality we find ourselves in a situation that makes us feel vulnerable and out on display.

This dream could be a sign from our subconscious encouraging us to be more open and reveal more about ourselves, without worrying about being hurt or insulted.

If you see a naked person in your dream it means that in real life you're blind to some truth. If the person is someone you know well, the dream could be showing you that you accept them as they are - with all their positive qualities and flaws.


A dream where everyone around you is naked, except you, signalizes that you're trying really hard to hide something about yourself from others. You are way too critical toward yourself and afraid that you'll be rejected.

Based on your choice of clothes in your dream, your subconscious is hinting at how you present yourself to others.

By wearing a dress we display the feminine side in ourselves. Usually, this type of dream indicates that we have no inhibitions regarding our sexuality and feel great in our role as a female.

Wearing a skirt also embodies female sexuality but here our dream is telling us that we're hiding our true desires.

Shoes are a symbol of our approach and principles in life; the more often we change them, the more often we change our views in real life as well.

Worn shoes show that you'll reach success through hard work and persistence, and if you dream that you're barefoot, your subconscious shows that you've lost confidence in yourself.

Blouses, jackets and pants in a dream express emotions and for the most accurate interpretation you have to look at the color of the clothes.