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What it Means to Have the Letter M on your Palm

Hand Line Reading

Palmistry is an ancient method of interpreting the fate and character of a given person based on the lines of their hand. Sometimes these lines even form figures and letters. One of the letters, whose meaning so many people have wondered about all over the world, is the letter M.

Here's what types of qualities it bespeaks of.

The letter M forms from the intersecting lines of the palm and hints of great talent and many skills of the given person. It is believed that this letter only appears in certain chosen people, who are distinguished by strong intuition and an inborn sense of justice. They are very goal-oriented but always achieve their successes honestly.


According to ancient tradition, only people with fortune-telling capabilities possess the letter in question. That is why whenever someone tries to cheat or fool them, they are exposed, if not right away then soon after.

The fact that bearers of the letter M possess so many abilities sometimes makes them excessively demanding and critical of others. Since the "mediums" have a mind as sharp as a razor, every expression of frivolity and stupidity bores and irritates them. But they must learn to be a bit more calm because otherwise the circle of people they communicate with will shrink even more completely.

Anyone who has the letter M on their palm is a proud and irreconcilable person. They refuse to be satisfied with only a little. These types of people struggle with all of their might and whenever they do something, they infuse all of their being and will. For this reason they expect that others would be like them. Often however, they are disappointed.


If you are a person endowed with the letter in question, you surely have leadership qualities and skills. You are able to motivate others around you and rally them in order to reach the desired goals together. The teams you form are always successful.

It's also known that the most popular philosophers, mediums and scientists have had the letter M on their palm.

In love, people with the letter M are just as implacable and combative as they are in work. If you are a male and your partner carries this letter, she would never allow to be tricked. If it does happen nonetheless, the liar will highly regret his action.

If in a relationship both partners are of the "chosen", the woman will have a more developed gift than the man due to the notorious female intuition that every lady possesses.