The Zodiac Signs Who Find it Difficult to Find a Soul Mate
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The Zodiac Signs Who Find it Difficult to Find a Soul Mate


Each person, sooner or later, reaches that point in life when they have need of love, peace and comfort. Those who have managed to find their soul mates are undoubtedly the lucky ones. But today we will meet the zodiac signs that are at risk of ending up alone because they constantly push away those around them.


The excessive insecurity in combination with their vast stubbornness are the main contributors to Aries being alone. Representatives of this zodiac sign need to learn to believe in their own abilities more.

Their pigheadedness is also not of much help to them, unless it's pointed in a positive direction. Aries must not forget that the person across from them has to fall in love with their true self, not what they display to the world.



Cancers' high sensitivity makes them incredibly introverted and mistrustful. Their fear of being hurt intuitively pushes away all those who would like to get to know their emotional side. These individuals need to relax a bit more and realize that the world is a dangerous place - but only for those who do not know how to protect themselves.

In this regard, Cancers possess an excellent instinct for good and evil. Hang out with more people and don't think that everyone is trying to trick you.


The excessive self-criticism of Virgos plays a horrible trick on them both at work, as well as in their personal life. They are timid, insecure and do not believe in their own abilities, something that's evident to others around them. Even if they manage to hold on to someone by their side, that person often gets tired of convincing their Virgo partner how much they mean to them and ultimately ends up leaving.



As opposed to Virgos and Aries, Aquarians are excessively demanding toward others, unlike toward themselves. They don't see it necessary to put forth any effort for self improvement since they are already perfect in their own little world.

Aquarians need to learn to respect others and enjoy the things that their partner does for them out of love, no matter how insignificant those may seem to them. If not, every single person will walk out of their life, feeling unappreciated.