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Ghostly Woman Tries to Drain the Life from 2-Year-Old Child


A married couple from the the state of New York claims that their home had been visited by a ghost, even managing to take a picture of it. They are convinced that the blurry figure in their photo is no trick of the light or low quality image but an actual ghost that had haunted their child.

It all began when one day, Gina, the couple's 2-year-old daughter, said that she was visited by a mysterious woman she had never seen before. Throughout a period of several weeks, the little girl kept telling her parents that a lady dressed in strange clothes, named Peg, came into her bedroom at night.

Almost every night she would carefully open the door to the child's room, enter quietly and sit next to Gina's bed. Then she would face the child and stare at her for a long time, without saying a word.

At first, the little girl's parents didn't take her words seriously, thinking they were just a figment of her childish imagination. However, their attitude toward Gina's words changed drastically when one day they noticed, by complete chance, that there was a transparent female face, one that could not have appeared by accident, in a photo of Gina.

Finally realizing that their daughter was not making things up and that there was a ghost in their home, the family turned to a psychic, fearing that this apparition could have sinister intentions.

As soon as the psychic crossed the threshold of the home, he immediately felt the presence of a negative energy, report American media. The psychic asked the owners of the house to leave and conducted various rituals for a period of several hours, in order to banish the dangerous intruder.

A little later, the psychic explained to Gina's parents that the ghost was lingering around the girl because it was trying to drain away her life energies but would no longer be bothering them from here on out. And sure enough, when the family returned back home, the apparition no longer visited them.