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The Year of the Sun: 2017


According to the astrological calendar, 2017 falls under the patronage of the Sun, which is going to bring us a number of big changes and unexpected transformations, shedding more light on our goals and problems.

Throughout this year we'll have to rely on the experience we've gained so far. We're going to have plenty of energy and strength to go forward but we mustn't overlook the things that have happened to us in the past.

The year will help us realize some very important truths and it'll be easier for all of us to weigh in the wealth of opportunities and focus our energy where we need to.

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes crowds, creativity and the male beginning. We can will our ideals and purposefulness, while events will help us raise our self-esteem and realize more things about our character.

The dangers we have to watch out for in 2017 come from the extremes that we're so attracted to. We have to strive for more balance and be neither too active, nor too passive.

Since the Sun rules over the aspect of fun, in 2017 we're going to be giving in more easily to proposals for various forms of fun, including gambling games.

Throughout the year, the Sun is going to enter into crucial configurations with several planets, the first among these being Pluto, which will be moving through Capricorn all year long.


The aspect between the 2 planets will demand of us to keep calm while searching for a way out of complex situations in the summer of 2017. We need to be more persistent and not give up when faced with hardships.

Neptune in Pisces will affect the Sun, while loading us with more inspiration and the ability to bring certain hidden talents out in the open. Uranus and the Sun throughout the year are going to bring us many unexpected turning points, thanks to which we'll be able to grow.