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Does the Bloodthirsty Megalodon Shark Swim Free?

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A few months ago, the television giant Discovery Channel released a series of documentary films, which claimed that the prehistoric and bloodthirsty Megalodon shark is still swimming undisturbed in the oceans.

The series on Discovery provoked a serious scandal, with the channel being accused of lying to and manipulating its viewers due to the fabrication of facts.

In documentary films, a prehistoric shark, that was supposed to have gone extinct more than 2 million years ago, was supposedly filmed and is still swimming in the ocean.

Prehistoric shark

But in the footage of the T.V. channel - "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives, " there was no concrete evidence shown, proving the existence of the bloodthirsty creature.


Instead of scientific facts, Discovery Channel used a crew of actors, that played the part of marine biologists, investigating the waters of South Africa in search of Megalodon.

Discovery Channel stood firmly by its film production, explaining that the episodes were motivated by real, witnessed stories.

Megalodon teeth

The spokesperson for Discovery, Larry Goldberg, announced to the Associated Press, that the team wanted to show a specific idea and conception to viewers.

Some of the evidence, that suggests that a prehistoric animal is swimming around in the oceans, is a photo of a tail of a whale that has been bitten off by an unknown sea predator.

Coast Guard footage shows how the gigantic creature, that looks like a shark, is swimming in the ocean's waters.

According to the stories of the Australian naturalist David Steed, in the beginning of the 20th century, he came into contact with the shark, which suddenly swam up from the depths and swallowed not only his prey, but his nets as well.

It is believed that Megalodon is a type of shark that reaches 65.6 ft (20 m) in length and its teeth are around 6.3″ (16 cm) long.

According to official data, this shark lived 89 million years ago and modern science labels it as extinct.

Some time ago, paleontologists discovered the huge jaws, teeth and scales of a sea monster in the state of Kansas.

These prehistoric fossils confirmed the theory, that the Megalodon shark really did exist.