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Full Horoscope for the Month of May


Throughout the first few days of the month of May, an entire 5 planets will be retrograde - Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, 3 of which will be in the sign of Sagittarius.

Aries - Stick to your routine and focus on work

Even though you'll have a strong desire for variety and adventures, it is not wise to give in to these impulses this month. Travels won't be successful; you'll have an opportunity for better realization only toward the end of the month. Until then, don't struggle against the usual routine, concentrate on your tasks at work. Don't trust anyone begging you for a favor because they're only trying to trick you.


Taurus - Don't lend out any money

Be frugal this month, postpone all big purchases for the beginning of summer. Also put off any long trips for June and July, to avoid unneeded tension. Don't lend out any money this month because there's a danger of not getting paid back. Additionally, avoid taking out loans and signing documents. Try to once again get close to people that time has distanced you from.

Gemini - Be careful with your words this month

Choose your words carefully because you may end up hurting a loved one out of haste. Be cautious in arguments and stay away from gossip that can hurt you. Try to be open with your new acquaintances and don't be tempted to hide behind a fabricated image, in order not to push people away.

Cancer - Be careful when meeting new people

The month will be one of meeting many new people but you do have to be careful with most of them. Thoroughly evaluate others before you trust them and do not give in to compassion to the point where you allow yourself to be manipulated. Load yourself with patience and finish assignments you've already begun before taking up new ones.


Leo - Rein in your strong emotions

Huge obstacles are appearing in the way of your plans this month. Be more tactical and tolerant, in order not to complicate the situation further through aggression. Through patience and hearing out the other point of view you'll avoid larger problems. Try to control your emotions at all costs because otherwise you'll ruin the relationships you experience great benefit from.

Virgo - Your creativity will lead you to success

Don't be shy this month, boldly stand under the spotlight because you'll be creative enough to attract attention that'll be to your advantage. Be careful when traveling abroad and if possible, put those travels off. Stay far away from people who are enticing you with investment projects, for the possibility of them being a fraud is high.

Libra - Be more mindful of others

No matter how good your ideas may seem at the beginning, don't place all your confidence in them and don't undertake risky ventures. Be more mindful of the opinions of others to avoid huge mistakes. Don't look for reasons to have conflicts because you'll end up on the losing side in them. Toward the end of May you'll have the opportunity to clear things up with relatives.

Scorpio - You'll fight your own ego

Use this month to analyze what you've achieved since the start of the year and the mistakes you don't want to repeat in the future. You're going to have to combat your own ego if you wish to maintain your relations romantically and professionally. Even if you think your ideas are perfect, don't try to impose them at all costs. Try to compromise and give way from time to time.

Sagittarius - A lot of work to come

You'll have a ton of work this month and even though it will exhaust you it will also create better stability in the material sense as well. But this doesn't give you an excuse to spend your hard-earned money thoughtlessly. Invest them in something that will bring you long-term benefit. Don't rely too much on those around you, instead trust your own judgment to avoid being misled.


Capricorn - Enrich your knowledge

Use this month to enrich your knowledge in various fields. For now, slow down your investment plans and instead focus on your spiritual development. You have an opportunity to fix severe mistakes from the past by using your current experience. Apologize to people you've hurt greatly when you were younger.

Aquarius - Be more disciplined

Don't sign new contracts and don't begin new projects before finishing up old ones. Also, put a limit on your spending so you don't fall into debt that's hard to repay. Certain individuals will try to provoke your empathy so that you help them but it's not advised you do this because they are just trying to use you.

Pisces - You'll find it difficult to get along with others

Your critical side won't remain hidden this month and you may cause problems for yourself with others due to your sharp tongue. You won't feel understood, nor will you improve your communication with others if you don't begin to compromise. Try to listen to your common sense, while not giving in completely to your emotions.