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Holiday Horoscope for the Month of December


In December, the full moon will take place on the 6th in Gemini, while the new moon will be on the 22nd in Capricorn. After December 21st, Venus, the planet of love, will become retrograde.

Aries - The people around you will pamper you

Loads of joyous moments and fun with friends await you in the first half of the month. At times you will even get the feeling that people are constantly circulating around you just to please you. The week before Christmas will be extremely energetic for you, dominated by the trine between the Moon and Mars. Your passion for work won't leave you during the holidays either but it will be more moderate.

Taurus - You will handle all problems and tasks

Throughout the first week of December, you will deal with a loved one's problem. The days around the full moon in Gemini will help you endure some more complex situations. In the days around the new moon, work will feel like child's play and you'll do it with pleasure. In the last days of the month, you can focus on shopping and planning the New Year's party.


Gemini - You take on more challenges

The full moon in your sign on the 6th will lead you to focus more on love. You may be guided toward a person that cares for you, you may even create several intimate partnerships. But you shouldn't forget to be reasonable. In the period around the new moon, you will take on a new challenge at work. Meeting someone new may bring you positive emotions toward the end of the year.

Cancer - Expect tons of help from loved ones

The behavior of certain people will surprise you at the beginning of the month. Your loved ones will be rushing over each other to help you in the first days of December. A new opportunity in love will be presented before you around the Christmas holidays, of which you must only listen to your own emotions. The final days of 2014 will be filled with inspiration for you.

Leo - A month of parties lies ahead

The holiday month will start off with parties for you and the tempo will continue until New Year's. But during the second half of the month, you need to be more cautious. In the days around the new moon, try to enjoy the little things that remain unnoticed amongst all of the shine. A square between the Moon and Jupiter on New Year's Eve advise you to be more reasonable.

Virgo - Don't regret anything

Full Moon

At the beginning of the month you will invest a greater part of your energy in loved ones and family. You can take up some sort of community service in the days around the full moon. Your mood will drastically improve around the holidays. Have fun on New Year's with past memories and avoid regretting moments when you were wilder.

Libra - You strengthen a relationship with a friend

Relieve tension at the beginning of the month and have more fun with friends. Some misunderstandings are possible around the full moon as people often tend to act before they think. In the middle of the month, you will strengthen a friendship which will be very important to you in the future. At the end of the month, the positive emotions around you will be in abundance.

Scorpio - Complete harmony in your relationships with others

Those close to you will frequently ask for your opinion in the first days of December. Not only will the people around you listen to you, they will appreciate the advice you give them. In the middle of the month, you will get closer to certain people in your surroundings, with whom you will spend some wonderful days. At the end of the month, you will solve others' problems with ease and you will briefly be everyone's hero.

Sagittarius - Expect a month of romance

A romantic mood will overcome you at the beginning of December. Lots of fun and witty conversations await you in the 1st half of the month. You can ask expect earnings in the days around the new moon. Heed the good things that are happening to you, especially if these are coming from friends. Starting on the 23rd, Saturn enters your sign and will cause you to lower the tempo in certain aspects of your life.

Capricorn - Pay attention to your loved ones

Friends who have need of your company will be looking for you frantically at the beginning of the month. Pay attention to your loved ones even if you need to be alone for a bit. The new moon in your sign on the 22nd will open new doors before you; don't be uncertain, instead make use of the opportunities. In the last days of the year, you may find the answers to a question you've long been searching for.


Aquarius - Uncertainty in your mood this month

In the 1st days of the month you will be surrounded by friends but in the days around the full moon, you will spend more time with your thoughts. You will spend Christmas with those who love you but it's possible for you to feel a little under the weather. You will recover your peace of mind around the New Year's celebrations and you'll say goodbye to 2014 filled with happiness.

Pisces - An overwhelming first half of the month

You need to remain calm in the 1st week of December, for it is possible for you to get overwhelmed with tasks at work. You will be more overburdened than usual until December 22. But with the coming holidays, you will be charged with ever more positive energy and you'll usher in Christmas and the New Year in high spirits. At the end of the year, the people around you will help and collaborate with you more.