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Zodiacal Horoscope for the Month of July

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At the end of the month of July, Venus and Uranus will become retrograde. Mars will remain in Cancer, the Sun will move from Cancer to Leo, and Mercury - from Gemini to Cancer.

Aries - a month of fun and love ahead

You are going into a highly creative period. Venus, Jupiter, and at the end of the month the Sun will be going into Leo, which will activate the zones of love, creativity and fun. The month will be perfect for you in the romantic sense and also if you've planned more fun with friends. Do not start any radical changes and do not gamble, instead focus more on creativity.


Taurus - you will take care of your family and home

Throughout the 2nd summer month you will need to take more care of your family and especially your kids. You'll have a strong desire to bring changes in your home, with renovations recommended before the 25th of the month since Venus goes retrograde after this date. Everything will be aces financially, you may even receive unexpected revenue. Save in the 1st half of the month, then allow yourself more fun during the 2nd.

Gemini - more dates and stability throughout the month

This month deal with what you've already started and don't take up anything new. More dates and meeting new people are possible toward the end of the month. A period of stability awaits you in love as well. If you already have a partner, you may be having relatives and friends over more often. Professionally, you're entering a period of routine and monotony but the time isn't right for looking for a new job.

Cancer - a month of tension and challenges to come

July will be an incredibly stressful month for you. Fiery Mars will be traveling through your sign the entire month, complicating almost all aspects of your daily routine. With Venus's retrogradation, a whole lot of family problems will come to the forefront, ones that you've carefully avoided so far but need to solve. Obstacles also lie ahead on the love front, with even the smallest challenge shaking your emotional stability.

Leo - finish your old projects


The month of July will be quite eventful for you. It's not advised to start anything new, instead bring more order to your old plans so that you enjoy more successes later on. You'll have days of monumental enthusiasm but also complete apathy. Be careful not to miss the big opportunities that fate is offering you, while try to make more compromises in love.

Virgo - fate depends entirely on your efforts

You'll be filled with energy and vigor throughout the entire month, allowing you to head confidently toward your goals. Strive for that which you really want and it won't be long before it happens. In the professional aspect you'll have opportunities for growth, all you need to do is follow the established order and discipline in the field. In July, love relationships will follow the course you yourself lead them on. Determine your priorities and take fate into your own hands.

Libra - you face a serious dilemma

In the new month, you'll be faced with quite a serious choice that will affect your life. Think over both options carefully and listen to the voice of reason, not your intuition. It's possible for your partner to experience financial difficulties in July, which means you need to show more generosity and help in this difficult time. Find balance between work and family so that no conflicts arise.

Scorpio - it's time for changes

It's time to make a change, no matter if this has to do with your appearance or your home. You may have to play the role of referee in arguments more frequently this month. To have successes in love you need to be more confident in yourself. If you're already in a relationship, don't forget to show your feelings to your partner. Be cautious with your money this month, making sure you divide up your finances carefully.

Sagittarius - travel but be careful with your money


July is an ideal month for a vacation. Travel and have more fun but be careful not to end up with an empty wallet faster than normal. Devote yourself more to your family and if you haven't visited your parents or relatives in a while, now is the time to do so. Do not begin a new love relationship under any circumstances, for you will be highly disappointed.

Capricorn - it's time to resolve your old problems

Many of your old problems will rise to the surface throughout the month. The people around you will begin reminding you of unfulfilled promises. Amidst the whole lot of tasks waiting for you, try to take a short break to load yourself with energy. In love you will also have to solve problems that you've ignored so far. Swallow some of your pride if you want to preserve your relationship.

Aquarius - a month of great surprises ahead

The month will pass without any difficulties, even though some high points await you at work. Expect a period of inspiration, adventures and surprises. You may run into old acquaintances you haven't seen in a long time or be pleasantly surprised with a trip you haven't planned. The problems in love will be completely resolved, even singles of the zodiac sign will begin a new romance.

Pisces - the month will be fateful

The month of July will be fateful for you, with upcoming events that will radically change the life you've led so far. These changes won't come easy and you need to prepare yourself for serious challenges. Your love relationship will be put to the test and if you are unable to go through the hardships with your partner, it's best to break up. You need to pay off all your debts by the end of July.