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Zodiacal Horoscope for the Month of February


This month the New Moon will occur in the sign of Aquarius, which will activate your social and friends' circle. 3 planets coalesce in Capricorn, requiring us to be more serious and responsible.

Aries - Don't act too hastily

The beginning of the month is excellent for hanging out with friends more often, fun in the club and an active social life. This will charge you with positive energy and a good mood. Don't burden yourself with extra work, only deal with the tasks you can't put off. Think carefully before you take each step and don't act too impulsively because this may bring you problems. For singles, a new fling will appear on the horizon, one that won't grow into a serious love relationship. Huge conflicts await non-singles.


Taurus - Be more courteous to others

There will be less and less obstacles before you and your goals, and to overcome the hurdles completely you'll have to be more ambitious and goal oriented. Throughout February, try to be more courteous to the people around you and don't preach morals to just anyone. Don't be a provocateur of arguments or in your love relationship. Choose your words and actions carefully so you don't hurt your partner. Singles will meet someone romantically but need to be more initiative.

Gemini - Both good and bad events to come

The month of February will be one busy with events and you can expect anything - from successes to failures. Professionally, your relationships will be complex and if you're expecting to get a raise you'll have to forget about it. On the other hand, you'll hang out with friends on numerous occasions and these will charge you with a positive mood. The flame of passion with your sweetheart may have cooled but this does not give you an excuse to cheat. Singles can expect flirting but only through consistency will they have a long and stable relationship.

Cancer - Think about a more stable future

This month you will have to deal with pressing problems. Think carefully about what you've managed to achieve since the beginning of the year and what you have yet to work on. If necessary, change jobs, but not before weighing all the pros and cons of doing so. Also try to nail down your financial state. Don't leave your goals up to chance, instead plan each and every step. As far as love goes, you'll face serious conflicts if you don't comply with your partner's wishes.

Leo - Watch out for stress

For singles, the month of February portends that you'll meet the love of your life. All you need to do is look around among the people you know. For non-singles, their love relationship will be subject to various influences. The absence of mutual understanding will only worsen the arguments with your partner. Be wary at the workplace and don't just stubbornly stick to your point of view. It's recommended that you look at events from a different perspective so that you have better successes. Get away from stress by taking more walks.


Virgo - Watch out for scammers

Don't trust people you've only met recently and take care not to become the victim of scammers. Rely only on your past experience in order to avoid complications at work and in your love life. Misunderstandings pertaining to life issues with those close to you are possible. This month you'll also have the opportunity to improve your financial state. You won't be bored in your love life either, as long as you don't direct your energy toward conflicts. Find a common interest that will bring you closer to your partner. Those feeling lonely will have to communicate more in order to meet a new partner.

Libra - Every set goal will be realized

This week you'll enjoy the fruits of the efforts you've put in. All you need to do is alternate between work and rest so you don't get over exhausted. Every goal you've set in your career will be realized but you need to be more confident in yourself and face changes with positivism. Tasks you've already started up will bring you good income as well. February will provide the opportunity for singles to find the type of person that has long been on their mind. For those in a relationship a peaceful period lies ahead.

Scorpio - Make more compromises with others around you

Plan your spending thoroughly this month in order to avoid financial hardships. You can expect unplanned encounters with exes on the love front. Try to primarily show your good side in front of coworkers and bosses. You'll have to make more compromises at work and not demand too much from your colleagues. Take care with your words and actions so you don't insult your partner.

Sagittarius - Rely more on your reason and patience

Be more sensible this month and don't let your emotions lead you to problems. Avoid unnecessary risks which can damage your stability, instead rely more on your patience in order to handle the challenges. The month is marked by burning passions but if those feeling lonely continue to seek the perfect partner they'll end up alone. Those in a relationship are advised to spend more time just the 2 of them.

Capricorn - Expect great changes

This February, expect changes that will turn out to be positive if you approach the new with a dose of humor and try to learn something from it. The period is suitable for signing up for a language class or learn a new, unfamiliar skill. You have the opportunity to improve your financial state if you take advantage of the job offers. You may renew your relationship with a past love this month.


Aquarius - Rest more with those close to you

This month is suitable for meeting with your family more often and clearing up old misunderstandings. Also set aside more time for rest with your partner. You won't perform at your best at work this month, which is why a vacation is highly recommended. Be cautious with your money so you don't experience financial hardships until the end of February. Fate may lead you to cross paths with an old love.

Pisces - Deal with your obligations responsibly

Be responsible and rational this month in order to enjoy more successes. Don't pass on your obligations to anyone else, instead solve them yourself. More creativity in your daily life will do you good. If you're the creative type, you can draw or write, but if you don't have a knack for it you can read or go to a drama theater. You'll be very active this month and this will help you be more independent. Those who are looking for a partner will have to expand their social circle, while those in a relationship will have to show understanding toward their partner to avoid arguments.