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Zodiacal Horoscope for the Month of March


The aspects of the planets during the month of March will require all zodiac signs to be more patient and wary in their undertakings. The first of the two solar eclipses of 2016 occurs on March 9, which according to astrology mark the beginning of a new cycle.

Aries - A tense and distressful month ahead

You'll miss the calm and predictable daily routine during the month of March. Even though you won't be bored in the least, the majority of events will weigh heavily on your emotional life. You'll be more irritable and tense this coming month but you should not resort to extreme actions. Try to abate the aggression and distress in your daily life with more patience and the faith that more peaceful times are coming.

Taurus - Talking behind other people's backs will hinder you


The month of March will bring to the fore your desire to be liked by everyone around you. You'll avoid direct conflicts and arguments but you won't spare your opinion of others either, you'll simply express it behind their backs. However, you'll only hurt yourself with this type of behavior and no matter how badly you'd like to not be more open, you'll have to be. Focus more on your love life this month and forget about your friends briefly.

Gemini - Your past mistakes will teach you an important lesson

This month you'll have the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes but you'll have to listen to some unpleasant criticisms about your behavior. Even if you have a very high opinion of yourself, listen to what others have to say and try to correct what you can. In March, you'll be stable financially if you prioritize work.

Cancer - You'll feel best in a family atmosphere

The new month won't encourage your social life, plus you'll feel better if you limit hanging out with friends and meeting new people for a bit. You'll find serenity at home among the family, so spend your free time with those closest to you. Forget about making new contacts, as the new people in your life won't be what you've been expecting.

Leo - Be more social and travel

Meeting new people and traveling will prove very successful this month. Hang out with others more often and take part in various social events and activities because they will provide you with inspiration and motivation for all of March. Positive results will come quickly from work and you'll feel appreciated. It'll be hard for you to keep your emotions in check in the coming days and some of your reactions will be out of place and time.

Virgo - Don't take on too many tasks


Don't overestimate your abilities this month, only begin tasks which you are positive you'll carry out properly from start to finish. Even if you believe you can take on more things, don't focus only on work. Set aside time for a break and for recovering from the work process by having fun.

Libra - You'll work on old projects

You'll have to finish up your old projects throughout this entire month, which means setting aside the majority of your time for work. Even though you won't find it at all pleasant to go back to old things, it's something you have to get done. Be bolder in your choices and actions because indecisiveness will only slow you down. Work will preoccupy you entirely, causing your relationships with those closest to you to suffer. When you get some free time, spend it with them and apologize for ignoring them.

Scorpio - You'll finish your colleagues' work

This month, along with your own obligations, you'll have to finish the work of your colleagues as well, which you won't at all enjoy. On the one hand you'll want to show your higher ups that you're more responsible than the other employees but on the other, setting aside more time for work will infuriate you. The new circumstances at the workplace will make you ponder your professional realization and whether or not it's time to change jobs.

Sagittarius - Don't take up anything new

You'll be more anxious during March because the expectations toward you will be huge. Don't take up anything new and don't do any favors because these types of actions will provoke tension and you'll only slow your own tasks. Listen to the advice of those close to you and don't cause unnecessary conflicts, try to be more controlling of your words.

Capricorn - Be more patient

More time with friends and family will bring you the most satisfaction this month. You'll want to help the people around you but don't ignore your own problems in your efforts to solve others'. The 2nd half of the month will be better for work than the 1st. Be more patient and expect to see results from your efforts toward the end of the month.

Aquarius - You'll be more distracted


This month you'll be more distracted and bring problems on yourself if you take on any serious tasks. Even though you won't be lacking initiative and decisiveness, focus on the smaller tasks that you can handle. During the 2nd half of the month, pay more attention to your family and try to keep the promises you've given to loved ones.

Pisces - Approach problems with patience

Just like the 1st 2 months of the year, March will be a bit harder for you. However, if you're more patient and put in efforts to resolve your problems, this activity will yield results. Even though you won't be short on work, don't forget your friends and plan to hang out with them more. Conversations will load you with energy and give you ideas, in order to get through the more difficult time of year.