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Love Horoscope for the Month of March

Love Horoscope

The planet of love, Venus, will be moving between Aquarius and Pisces, while the aspects it creates during the month of March require us not to throw ourselves headfirst into a new love but instead be more levelheaded.

Aries - In order to have a bright love life in March, you'll have to adjust certain aspects of your behavior. If for some time you haven't been seeing any prospect in your love relationship, it's time to end it. Be more wary toward new suitors and don't be fooled by illusions.

Taurus - Singles will meet many new people. Travel more and go out with friends if you're looking for a new love. For non-singles, the month will also be extremely romantic and they are advised to spend more time with their partner.

Gemini - A tranquil month in love lies ahead; those that are in love can take a more serious step to solidify their relationship. Traveling will have a positive effect on those who are seeking a partner, and a short vacation may bring a new love in their life.

Cancer - Your romantic relationship will face serious challenges this month, with the hardships provoked to a great extent by the jealousy of the people around you. Don't let others direct you in your love life. Singles must not look for a new partner at this time and instead set aside more time for themselves.

Leo - Your impulsiveness will create problems with your partner this month. If you don't think before you speak and act, you'll often clash with your partner. Don't be hasty in trusting new people, no matter how attracted you are by them.

Virgo - With the new month you'll also find a new love, one you'll dive right into, without thinking. If you forget common sense and follow only your feelings it's quite possible you'll be disappointed later. For non-singles, it will be a positive month of shared emotions and mutual support.

Libra - The planets will help those who are seeking a partner, and besides meeting new people, they'll also meet with an old love in March. But don't rush into starting a new relationship. Those in a relationship may face conflicts due to a lack of free time in which they can be together.

Scorpio - With the beginning of spring you'll meet many new people, some of them may even turn out to be your big love. Non-singles will experience a period of closeness and desire to spend all of their time with their favorite person.


Sagittarius - You won't be lacking suitors during the month of March but it is not very likely you'll begin a new relationship this month. To avoid disputes with your partner, it's advised for you to be more careful with your words and actions and quell your powerful emotions.

Capricorn - You'll be entirely devoted to love this month. Non-singles can expect a period of harmony, during which they'll enjoy the company of their partner. Singles can frequent social events more often and will quickly meet a new partner.

Aquarius - The harmony in love will quickly evaporate if you refuse to compromise and insist that your partner agree with you. Don't impose your opinion at all costs and you'll enjoy a calmer month. Singles will meet the partner of their dreams if they're more open.

Pisces - Non-singles will solidify their relationship and even though there will be no shortage of hardships, they'll deal with the problems together. A new love is on its way to singles, which will lead to a long-lasting relationship, as long as they build their relations step by step.