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Zodiacal Horoscope for the Month of November


In November, Mercury will change its direction from Libra toward Scorpio which will transform the topics of discussion and bring serious consequences after the talks. During the month, Venus and Mars will move from Virgo into Libra.

Aries - you'll take risks and be more active

Throughout the last month of fall you'll have more of a tendency to take risks, without even thinking about it. For non-singles it's important to find topics of discussion and interests in common with their partner, while singles will have a romantic and passionate November with a new love, although if you want your relationship to be more serious you'll have to arm yourself with patience. The period is excellent for you to be more active in the workplace.

Taurus - add some variety to your routine

It's recommended you bring some more variety into your life during November. Change your look, try to be more brash and unpredictable. Surprise your partner more often, and if you're single be more unrestrained toward potential partners. Professionally, you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Gemini - don't be lazy, be active

Now's the time to get it together and do something for your own better future. Sign up for classes and don't laze around under any circumstances, don't let the days pass you by. You'll have a more active social life during the 2nd half of the month. In your love life you have the opportunity to resolve any misunderstandings, however you'll feel an onset of nostalgia for the days when you were single.


Cancer - a creative and emotionally loaded month ahead

A positive month awaits, one that will allow you to unleash your abilities. Organize your to-do list and don't expect miracles to happen on their own. Throughout the month you'll have the strong need to reveal your feelings to your partner and even obsess over them. Professionally, you'll be inspired to create new projects that will help put you ahead in your career.

Leo - don't succumb to provocations and drama

It's probable for you to frequently become a victim of drama and gossip in November. Don't blindly trust everything you hear, check it out for yourself. You'll have many opportunities to demonstrate your organizational skills. All that matters is that you remain calm and don't succumb provocations. Your love life will go through serious changes. If there's weak points in your relationship, expect it to fully collapse this month.

Virgo - watch out for deception

Be very careful this month because the probability of you being deceived is extremely high. Forget about your emotions and be more rational. Now is the perfect time to find the answer to all your troubles. Be more open with your partner and share your worries. Singles also need to be more sincere and not mislead their suitors. You'll have to deal with unfinished tasks at work from the very beginning of the month.

Libra - your friends will give you a push toward growth

In November you will expand your circle of acquaintances. Innumerable prospects open in front of you - all thanks to acquaintances and friends. A happy period lies ahead in the aspect of love also. Your relationship will be harmonious, solid and bring you lots of joy. But if you allow for material issues to become a topic of discord, expect turmoil. Take on more responsibilities at work and think rationally about your projects so you're not just working on tasks with no perspective.


Scorpio - a tense and complex month ahead

You'll be facing a ton of controversial situations the entire month. Count on your tactical skills to get past the hurdles. You'll travel more during the 2nd half of the month, while your desire for entertainment and fun will grow. If you're in a relationship, pay more attention to that person. But for singles now is not the time to look for a partner. Focus on your work and try not to miss any details because these can ruin your projects.

Sagittarius - be more self-confident

Be more confident in your abilities this month. If you're having any doubts regarding these, seek support from your family. Your romantic relationship will depend entirely on your mood, while for singles finding a serious partner will depend solely on their self-confidence. Expect very serious issues at work which you need to give the necessary attention.

Capricorn - more meetings with friends and loved ones

You begin a new stage of your life in November. If your job requires creativity, expect successes and recognition. You'll meet friends and loved ones more often and have more time for fun. Fate is on your side in love as well. You'll be given the opportunity to relive a relationship from your past. Tension with your partner may occur during the last few days of November. At work you'll conquer new heights.


Aquarius - you'll work more

You'll dedicate the last autumn month to your work. You'll have to briefly forget about variety and dynamics and spend more time at work. You're more productive and the work you put in will pay off twofold. In your love life you'll have to resolve your old conflicts. Avoid discussing topics that impart apprehension.

Pisces - you have excellent opportunities for success at work

The month is ideal for working on planned projects. Your friends will help you a lot in realizing your ideas. You'll have to concentrate harder on your work tasks toward the end of the month. You have the opportunity to be a leader and earn recognition for your efforts. In love you need to defend your position and be more prone to action. Don't let your own illusions befuddle your judgment.