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Numerology Horoscope for the Month of October


To find out what numerology predicts for you for the month of October, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - Put forth greater effort in fighting for your independence this October. Don't keep your ideas a secret, instead share everything that pops into your head with coworkers and those close to you. This way you may receive valuable pieces of advice regarding work. Watch out for envious people and don't back down against your competitors, who want to see you fail.

2 - This month, all activities related to harmony and aesthetics will be successful for you. If you've long been planning a makeover for your home, now is the time to do it. Show your love to your relatives, these actions will make you feel a whole lot more satisfied. Also don't be afraid to try new things.

3 - October presents you opportunities for intellectual development. Sign up for a class to expand your knowledge and qualifications. Try to stimulate your intellect in your daily life. Your friends and relatives will be very kind to you this entire month.

4 - You'll feel quite insecure in many aspects this month and this will make you more highly attached to everything that you love. You'll want to appear like a complete egotist but your month will be more successful if you overcome this feeling. A new love or a new job may inspire you to new heights, making you feel more successful.

5 - The month is ideal for taking more risks. Whatever your desire, dedicate yourself to it fully. There's no way to achieve your goal without making the necessary sacrifices. Even if your plans don't go exactly the way you imagined, ultimately at least you'll know that you had given it your all.

6 - Your focus this entire month will be toward the future, as such you will set a lot of your time aside for making plans. During October you can start ideas you've planned because you'll be given the opportunity for growth. Believe in yourself and change the things you don't like with more confidence.


7 - Take care of your health this month. Try to get enough rest and eat healthy. A never-ending tide of creative ideas and insights may descend upon you this month; this will help you a lot at work, especially if you work with others.

8 - You'll have to get into the role of a supervisor this October. This will induce wrath in some people but the responsibility of rewarding and punishing will fall on your shoulders. Carefully observe the people around you and let them know what you approve of and what you don't.

9 - Be more generous and help your loved ones more this month. This will make you feel wanted and valuable. You're more preoccupied, which is why you need to be more careful with your valuables, such as wallet and phone. When you go out, keep them in your pocket or purse, so you don't accidentally forget them somewhere.

11 - Your intuition will be unnaturally strong this entire month. You may even reach surprising insights about life. You will generate innumerable creative ideas this month. Focus on them and share them because these ideas may be an inspiration to others as well.

22 - You will be surrounded by chaos this whole month, while the greatest challenge you face will be bringing order around yourself. Strive to keep your personal space clean and organized. It's important that you control events because that way you'll feel a lot more productive.