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8 things that will disappear in the coming years

Lions will disappear

American scientists have made predictions that for the next ninety years. Many problems revolving humanity will be solved, including a lot of things with which we are accustomed and without noticing they will disappear.

The first thing that will disappear is money, it will be completely replaced by electronic cards. In 2020 there will be no suffering from AIDS because of the terrible virus discoverer Luc Montagnier. As predicted in a few years the discovery of a vaccine for the virus will be presented to the world.

2030 will see the forever disappearance of posters and billboards in the streets as they will be replaced entirely by electronic forms of advertising.

2040 - Death of photos as this will be entirely replaced by digital technology.

2050 – The tie look will also fade out. Already in the U.S. only 6 percent of men go with a tie to work.

Lions will disappear

2060 - Lions will disappear from the planet. Currently, their population has declined by 90 percent.

2070 – The disapperance of the Edison Lamp. According to forecasts of scientists around the world, the world will only shine with energy saving fluorescent lamps.

2080 – Natural sleep will become a thing of the past. It will be destroyed by special pills that will not only help you fall asleep, but will make us fresh in the morning.

2090 – There will be no natural redheads. The gene esponsible for this recessive color is ebing destroyed by mixing it with other genes. Currently, the Earth, only consists of 2 percent of people who are naturally Redhead.

2100 – Children will not play with toys, but only the virtual reality games.



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21.01.2013 22:29
To be honest, the way your articles read, it seems that English is not your native tongue. That is quite okay! They are still coherent, but, all the same I advise you to look into your grammar and sentence structure.

The beginning of the article states: "In 2020 there will be no suffering from AIDS because of the terrible virus discoverer Luc Montagnier."

That sentence says that Luc Montagnier is personally responsible for those who are infected with AIDS. That is not the case. The sentence should read: "In 2020 the terrible virus, AIDS, discovered by Luc Montagnier will no longer cause suffering." Or something along those lines.

Again, interesting topic, but unfortunately I get stuck on the technical side of things, making it difficult to enjoy.