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Nostradamus: 3 Cataclysms to Come Before the Apocalypse

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A new interpretation of the quatrains left by Nostradamus reveal that humanity is to experience 3 global cataclysms before the Apocalypse - the Third World War, the disappearance of Rome and the Vatican and the splitting of the Eurasian continental plate.

According to the interpretation of Ukrainian scientist Alexander Lazarev, who has studied 1102 quatrains of the French seer, the end of the world will be marked by 3 global events, the first of which being the Third World war.

Lazarev claims that he has been able to accurately decrypt all of the predictions of Nostradamus. The Ukrainian scientist says that in 3 of the 1102 quatrains by the French prophet, it has been clearly described what humanity should prepare for in the 22nd century.

A key moment, that will bring about the beginning of the Apocalypse, according to the interpretation, is the onset of the Third World War, which will break out in the 21st century. It is believed that 30% of the population on Earth will die off in this war.

Alexander Lazarev is adamant that the 3 global catastrophes preceding the Apocalypse are all related to each other.

End Times

In the writings left by Nostradamus it is stated that the Third World War will be waged in the Age of Aquarius, which began in 2003 and will last until the year 4163. The war itself will last 27 years and will be waged for religious reasons, engulfing 70% of the territory and population on Earth.

According to the prophecies, the war will begin in South Europe but will then spread to North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Russia and North America.

Nostradamus wrote that in the period 2056-2058, several volcanoes will eject out on Earth a chunk weighing about 2 million tons. 7 days after its eruption, it will fall in South Europe. The chunk will split into 3 parts, with the largest hitting Rome and the Vatican, wiping them off the face of the Earth.

20 years later, the continents of Europe and Asia will split from each other.

The Apocalypse on Earth will be caused by the planet Nibiru, bringing about the End of the World as we know it. At the beginning of the 22nd century, a new civilization will exist on the planet.