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Zodiacal Horoscope for the Month of December


In December 2015, Mercury will transition into Capricorn, which will incite most people to serious reflection. Uranus will leave its retrograde phase in Aries and the year will conclude with the forward movement of all the planets.

Aries - radical twists and turns to come

The 1st 2 weeks of December will be exceptionally turbulent for you. An opportunity arises for you to head down an entirely new road and completely change your life plans. But the changes won't come easy, they'll be accompanied by severe tension. This will put you at odds when communicating with others but as long as you don't act too impulsively there's no danger of ruining your relations with anyone. Things will ease off at the end of the month and you'll spend the holidays happily with loved ones.


Taurus - expect additional income

This month, many of your relatives and coworkers will rely on you being their support and helping them with your sober evaluation on controversial issues. Your ability to adapt will be excellent and it's recommended you steer it in the material aspect. New opportunities for extra financial revenue may open up in December. Use them to add some variety by traveling and having fun. December will also be perfect for your love life, with many nice moments with your sweetheart to come.

Gemini - you'll work more

Huge responsibilities at work await you this month. You need to be more disciplined and start on your tasks, doing everything possible to finish them. Your schedule will be quite busy and you'll have to essentially ignore your loved ones until the holidays. Those who truly work harder will be pleasantly surprised at the end of the month. Changes in your relations with loved ones are possible and you may even end some of your old friendships.

Cancer - try to be more calm and spiritual

You must look more spiritually at whatever's happening to you in December, by searching for the fundamental aspect in both the good and the bad. Only in this way will you retain your peace of mind. During the 1st weeks there is a serious risk of conflicts at work due to the numerous tasks that you'll be burdened with. Stay away from aggressive personalities and don't make any arguments worse. Your chores will also accumulate as the month progresses but the comforts you provide your loved ones will fill you with joy.

Leo - you'll stand out among others


You'll feel the strong desire to be the center of attention and enthrall others in December. Your charm will be even greater and this will help you stand out among friends, as well as at work. A new aspect will arise where you can express your talents. But you must not forget about your work responsibilities, it's advised to communicate with your coworkers more carefully this month. Serious dilemmas are coming up in your love life, ones which you're unsure of what decision to make.

Virgo - you have to provide more care to loved ones

You'll have to postpone some of your work obligations due to an urgent family issue. Your partner also has need of more attention, so no matter how badly you want to be done with work tasks on time, you won't make it. The 1st half of December will bring a smile on your face thanks to greater income, which you can invest in new household acquisitions. At the end of the month take better care of yourself and your needs.

Libra - don't ignore and don't be jealous of your partner

A good mood will accompany you nearly this entire month. At the start of December you'll feel the strong urge to renew your wardrobe. Heightened tensions with your partner are possible in the middle of the month since you'll have a need of more freedom. Refrain from attempts at manipulation and don't succumb to jealousy if you want to maintain your relationship. At the end of the month it'll be easier for you to smooth out any contradictions and say farewell to the year in a peaceful setting.

Scorpio - a month of passion and love ahead

Expect a whole lot of passion and love this month. You'll be subject to your feelings, which will lead you toward tremendous pleasures. Your emotions are in their element but don't forget that the object of your affection has need of personal freedom, so don't suffocate them with your attention. The month will present you with opportunities for professional growth but you must stay away from drama to make it happen. Be mindful of your money, don't spend needlessly.

Sagittarius - go to more social events

The 1st half of the month will be suitable for socializing with loved ones. Set aside more time for social events, where you'll be among friends. This will charge you with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. Finish your tasks at work if you'd like to enjoy good revenue in the financial aspect. You'll see your serious partner in a different way this month and your relations may experience drastic changes.

Capricorn - take care of your health

You need to put your health on the front lines this month. No matter how important it may be that your finish your projects on time, this shouldn't happen at the cost of your health. Don't try to control people and events around you and all of your troubles will dissipate. Let them work themselves out and don't let the feeling of insecurity take over your thoughts.


Aquarius - surprising truths will come to the light

Problems you haven't so far noticed will rise to the surface in December. You may hear gossip about yourself or discover a person who's trying to get in your way behind your back. Your mission is to openly face your problems because if you ignore them they'll grow into even bigger hurdles in the future. Work will be a priority for you throughout the month, you'll do it with pleasure. Allow yourself a deserved break at the end of the month.

Pisces - be bolder and more open this month

December will be filled with challenges, you'll be torn between your desire to make everyone happy and satisfy your own desires. You feel better when you go for the sure thing but events will require you to take more risks. It's possible that the more aggressive individuals might have you in their sights. If they wish to dominate, let them. Changes will only occur at work and with your paycheck if you talk with your boss. Be brave and open in your actions and words.