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Full Moon in Pisces - What's Important on This Day

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Full moon

This Tuesday, the full moon phase will fall into the zodiac sign of Pisces. The day is suitable for forgiveness, placation and purification, no matter your zodiac sign.

Once the Moon completes its cycle with a full Moon, our projects become clearer.

The full moon in the water sign will favor projects that have to do with lobbying and business partnerships. All secrets and illusions will come to the forefront, and the day won't allow for you to be tricked.

Be cautious of the sweet words you might hear because they may mislead you to make the wrong decision. Don't be trustful of people you barely know and don't invest money if you're not completely sure that you will profit.


On this day you need to organize your thoughts and come up with a clear plan for the future.

The zodiac sign of Pisces will be most affected by the influence of the moon, since the full moon phase will be in their sign. It's possible for them to be more active than usual on this day and for their imagination to be more active.

You can devote yourself to art and introspection throughout the day. Works of art will be more influential on this day.

It's possible for your intuition to be extremely high this Tuesday. It's also possible for you to be more sensitive than usual and to be exaggerating about the things happening to you.

The pain and suffering of others will have an effect on you. The day predisposes you to aid, as well as forgiving someone who's hurt you in the past.

The day is not appropriate for choosing a relationship partner. Don't be trusting of any excessive romance and sweet words, unless your relationship has been tested by time.

If you already have a partner by your side, plan on a romantic candlelit dinner or watch a movie together, but avoid making any decisions that would affect every aspect of your life.

Use the energy of the full moon to finish all projects you have started but don't begin any new ones.