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How the Various Zodiac Signs Flirt


The relations between men and women are complex, subject to an entire set of unwritten rules, which don't even apply to the same degree for both sexes, and to top it all off - there's always exceptions to the rules. So then how do you tell for sure if her smile is meant for you alone or his gaze is not simply unfocused but in love?

To find out whether the person across from you has serious intentions you need to determine their zodiac sign and carefully read about how exactly the representatives of the different zodiac signs flirt.


The good thing about Aries is that they are usually direct. The typical Aries will tell you straightforward that they like you. If they are shy, they'll do it in the form of a joke. If a representative of this sign has a thing for you, they'll drop everything they're doing without a 2nd thought, in order to help you with something small or to just be near you.


Taureans like exquisite things - food, beverages, music and seduction. A Taurus will listen to you attentively, find out what you like and serve it to you on a platter in a refined romantic setting. Before you decide to flirt with a Taurus you need to be sure that you want it so that you don't hurt their romantic nature and incur their wrath.



If the object of your affection is the sign of Gemini, it will be difficult for you to find out with certainty whether they truly like you or not. Geminis are eloquent, kind and sweet (when they wish to be) but that does not at all mean that they are flirting with you. Keep an ear out for uncomfortable questions. They are a sure sign that you've attracted their attention.


Cancers don't flirt, they prefer someone to flirt with them. They are too modest and anxious. You'll know if a Cancer likes you by their red cheeks, burning out of worry.


For representatives of the sign of Leo, flirting is a sport like running, the javelin throw or triple jump. They are not only kings of the jungle but of flirting as well. You've truly got a Leo's attention only when they purr at your feet and have stepped down from the spotlight in order for you to take it.


It's a fact, Virgos are not big fans of flirting. This is because they simply don't know how to do it. They only show that they like someone by their behavior - they act more cheerfully, relaxed and happy.



Libras give absolutely no telltale signs whether they like a given person or not. They treat those they love and those they hate the same way. In this case you can only cross your fingers and hope.


Scorpios not only flirt with the object of their affection - they put them on a pedestal and forget that the rest of the world even exists. They never lose sight of those they like and are blind to everything else.


Sagittarii are extraordinarily joyous, constantly joking about everything, which often confuses the other signs. The good news is that if they genuinely like you, they'll quite seriously ask you out on a date. If they ask you out a second time - they're crazy about you.


Capricorns are serious and straightforward. They'll put all their cards on the table and tell you directly that they like you. The typical Capricorn likes everything to be planned and is not a huge fan of surprises.


Aquarians will ask you to go out with them and their friends because they are really important to them. If they refuse to go out with you because they have to meet up with their friends - get away. This is a sure sign that they don't like you.


A person needs to be wooed by a Pisces at least once in their life. They douse their beloved with a special kind of attitude, lots of attention, care and a whole lot of romantic surprises. Pisces that don't like you will act cold and distant toward you.